How many breakfasts are in McDonald's? And what are their pros and cons?

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The frenzied popularity of the McDonald's restaurant is nothas been falling since the 1940s, that is, virtually from the moment it was discovered. This is one of the largest fast food chains around the world. During the work at "McDonald's" appeared a lot of admirers, as well as ill-wishers. But the fact remains - large lines at the cashier's of the restaurant say that people are satisfied with the price and quality of the dishes.

Choice of dishes. The main menu of "McDonald's"

The main menu usually includes: (6, 9, 20 pieces), rolls, big-poppy, fillet of fish, pies with apple and cherry, ice cream in the horn, muffins, chicken, various soda, juices.

breakfast in McDonald's

For children, the complex menu is going to the boxes "Happy Money", you can choose a toy to it. From the diet menu there are several salads: Caesar, Greek, vegetable.

Breakfasts at McDonald's - pros and cons

In 2015, launched an advertising campaignbreakfasts at McDonald's. The task was to attract as many customers as possible and talk about the special morning menu. The slogan of the advertising campaign was to consolidate the following idea from visitors: "Breakfast will make your day special." The advertising campaign was a success. The program was popularized breakfast in "McDonald's". The menu was reorganized in such a way that it had traditional, home-grown and already popular with the inhabitants variants of burgers and rolls in a new manner. This can be considered a plus, since the morning menu has significantly enriched. If a person liked the dish, no matter how much breakfast was in McDonald's, he would come next time.

breakfast in McDonald's menu

People who have only learned about this proposal,are interested in a natural question. They ask: how many breakfasts are in McDonald's? Preparation of main courses starts at 7 am and lasts until 10 (maximum to 11) in the morning. For many people, the minus of breakfast in the cafe is just the time. Some simply do not have time to visit it because they wake up later. As a result, after being in a cafe, they are content with the main menu. This article is based on data on how much breakfast in McDonald's is on average in Russia.

Nutritionists often abuse the food of this institution forexcessive calorie content. It is worth noting that this is unreasonable, and the popular cafe offers a large selection of dishes for a variety of people. Breakfast at McDonald's, which has a varied menu, also has dietary options, such as oatmeal, light curd rolls and omelettes. But it is known that there are high-calorie dishes better until twelve days. The morning meal is quickly digested in the stomach and digested. And whether it will be postponed by an extra "load" or not - it all depends on how long the breakfast in "McDonald's" will be over.

Full breakfast menu

Here are the dishes that are offered in 2017, regardless of how many breakfasts in the McDonald's are served.

how many breakfasts in McDonald's

The menu includes:

  • Macmuffins with eggs and various additions (bacon, cheese, pork cutlet to choose from).
  • Hot toast (filler cheese, ham and cheese).
  • Pancakes with honey, jam or standard.
  • Omelet.
  • Oatmeal (in it you can add raisins, honey, cranberries and jam).
  • Cottage cheese rolls with raisins, dried apricots.
  • "Big breakfast. It includes a pork cutlet, a hashbraun (a potato cutlet), an omelette and a roll.
  • A happy milly, which can be taken with a drink, pancakes or toast, hashbauna.

And the latest information for those who decide to visit the restaurant breakfast. The time for breakfast at McDonald's is from 7 to 10 am.

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