How to brew ginger so that it retains all the useful properties?

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how to brew ginger
Ginger is a very useful plant, knownhumanity for several thousand years. His homeland is India and South-East Asia. It contains many useful oils, vitamins and amino acids, so it is not surprising that many use it not only for cooking, but also for treating colds, digestive problems, and also used to fight excess weight and as a restorative. How to brew ginger, so that it retains all the useful properties, read in our article. By the way, the ways of making a drink or tea depend on what purpose you want to use the root for - for colds the prescription will be one, for slimming - for the other. Both methods are discussed below.

how to brew the root of ginger
How to brew ginger: a recipe for tea for the treatment of colds

This drink will help you when fighting the common cold. For its preparation, take:

- 2 medium sized ginger roots;
- 1 cup of liquid honey;
- juice of 1 lemon.

Clean the roots, then grate them, orchop in a blender. Boil 4 liters of water, add the resulting mass and cook for several minutes. After the drink you need to strain and pour 1 cup of honey into the resulting liquid, stir thoroughly and add the juice of one lemon (or a couple of tablespoons of the finished store). This was the basic recipe for brewing ginger. You can diversify it by adding to the broth, for example, natural orange juice or to give it a special flavor, putting a couple of leaves of mint, lemon balm, orange or lemon crusts with the root. You can drink such tea in any quantity, it will give you energy and help you quickly defeat the disease.

how to brew and drink ginger
How to brew the root of ginger for weight loss?

This drink will be an excellent helper for those,who are struggling with excess weight. After all, the root has long been known as a remedy for digestion and metabolism, as well as a slightly dull feeling of hunger. Drink a few glasses of tea with ginger every day, and the result will not keep you waiting. To prepare a decoction you will need a piece of root and a thermos with boiling water. Just slice or grate ginger, place in a container of water and let it brew for a couple of hours. For greater efficiency in such a tea, you can add a little cloves or red pepper.

How to brew ginger for weight loss, to drinkgave the maximum effect? In this case, in addition to the root, you will need garlic. Mix the two components in equal parts, and add 1 part of the mass to 20 parts of water. Allow to stand for 15 minutes, strain and take during the day. If the drink does not seem too tasty to you, it is not forbidden to add a little honey, fresh lemon or orange juice to it.

From the article you learned how to brew and drinkginger, and how with the help of such tea to treat colds and obesity. Therefore, do not pass by this root in the supermarket, because it is - an excellent tool for those who prefer to fight disease with folk remedies, without using drugs from pharmacies.

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