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Sushi is a famous dish of Japanese cuisine,which won the love of gourmets of our country. It has long ceased to be exotic, offering more and more options for cooking. The filling for sushi is prepared from a wide variety of products offered to us by the sea. In their preparation an important role is given to special Japanese rice. Sushi has become so popular in our country that this dish is prepared and at home.

Taste and external qualities of sushi cookedhouses, have a difference from the rolls purchased at outlets. But is it possible to abandon the very process of their preparation. Appearance and filling for sushi will depend on your preferences, the only unchanged product that is part of the composition is, of course, rice.

You can cook one of the most simplevariants of land - this is a nigiri. They are prepared by hand, without using special devices. Top is laid out the filling for sushi. At home it is much easier to cook this species than the maki-jushi - the classic version of the land. It is prepared in the form of a cylindrical piece of rice with a filling wrapped in a sheet of nori. In this case, a bamboo mat of makis is used in cooking.

Rolls - this is another version of the land, which is verygood for cooking at home. Like all kinds of sushi, rolls can include a variety of fillings. For sushi, they can be both sweet and sharp, hot and cold. They can include vegetables and seafood. Another important component is, of course, the Japanese horseradish wasabi. Very suitable for them, prepared in a special way ginger and soy sauce.

Let us consider in detail the fillings for sushi.The recipe for this dish is required for cooking fresh cucumbers. They must be, of course, long. Smoked caviar is a great addition. Rinse the rice to transparency, boil it, leave it under the lid. Pour in the rice vinegar, gently stir. Leave the nori sheet with the waxed side down. Next comes the filling for sushi. On 2/3 of the nori sheet, we decompose the rice, top the cucumber, turn it into a roll with the help of a makis. From the second sheet of the noria cut off ¼ of the piece. On a larger piece of the sheet of the noria - again rice mixed with caviar, then a cucumber roll. We wrap it. We need to cut this roll along into 2 parts. We spread the whole nori with the waxed side down. Spread 2 parts of a thick backrest roll to the back. Fill the void with cream cheese. From the top we add the remaining strips of rolls also backs to each other. Using the makis, we form a large square roll. Leave for a couple of minutes, cut into parts. In the section, the roll looks like a mosaic.

Another option rolls can be prepared with cheesePhiladelphia. Salmon is an excellent filling for sushi. At home, this option is not difficult to prepare. These rolls are known under the name "California". You can say that this is one of the most famous recipes. Rinse, boil the rice. We cook for about 17 minutes, then we keep about the same amount under the lid. At this time, cut thin plates of smoked salmon. Width not more than 1 cm. In the same way we cut cheese. The fish should be outside. In this recipe on the mat for rolls lay out salmon, then rice, pieces of cucumber, avocado and cheese. Sprinkle it all with lemon juice. We wrap and glue the roll.

The filling for sushi can consist of shrimp, crab meat. Salmon can be slightly salted. In the hot rolls there are eggs, various sauces.

No less interesting and sweet sushi.Rice soak in cold water. For the preparation of sweet rolls, rice is boiled in milk. For a more piquant taste, we add vanilla and sugar to the milk. Then cool the rice. For the filling, any fruit is suitable. The first layer we lay out rice, then a sweet curd, on top of the sliced ​​fruit. We wrap in the roll. On request, we rub chocolate on top.

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