Pollack ear: the best recipes for a delicious first course

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Fish makes our table not only morediverse, but also much more useful. And if you remember how persistently doctors recommend not to avoid the first dishes, it becomes clear that the ear from pollock should be on the menu almost every day. Of course, for fish soup is suitable for almost every fish, but pollock is the most affordable variety, and the ear with it turns tender and fragrant. Even an avid vegetarian will agree to pamper himself occasionally with it.

fish soup

Fragrant fish soup

The "right" ear, according to fishermen, shouldcontain fewer foreign ingredients. Ideally, it should contain only fish, greens and vegetables. Pollock ear, whose recipe we offer first, fully meets these requirements. First, broth is made for it: a third of a kilo of fish fillet is cut with not too large pieces and boiled for about seven minutes after boiling. Then pollock is caught by a noise, and in its place in the boiling broth are placed the crushed celery root and cubes of potatoes. While the soup is boiling, the Bulgarian pepper, cut in strips, crumbled stalk of celery and chopped leek is allowed in the pan. Oil is better to use mixed - vegetable and creamy. The roast goes into the pan, the potatoes will soften slightly. About five minutes later, cubes or semicircles of carrots with chopped onions are thrown there. When the potatoes are completely ready, the fish slices return to the ear, it is salted and seasoned, and is put off from the plate for infusion under the lid.

Ear of a pollock recipe

Children's version

The ear from pollock, certainly, is useful to kids,and starting from the toothless age. Cook it better at once. A small piece of fillet (grams per 150) is placed in a saucepan with a glass of fresh water. When the fish is cooked, the broth is filtered, a sliced ​​potato tuber, half a bulb and a third of a large carrot are placed in it. To speed up the process, these vegetables can also be cut large. When everything is ready, the soup is passed through a blender or food processor, it is savored with greens and sour cream. If the child can already chew, half the boiled quail eggs can be added to the plate.

Hearty fish soup

Not everyone in the first dish is satisfied with only vegetables. If you want a more dense dinner, you'll find an ear of pollock with millet. For her, a large bulb is cut and a large carrot is rubbed. In vegetable oil, vegetables are fried directly in the soup pan until half soft, then poured into two liters of salted water. When it boils, large pieces of two carcasses of pollock and three straw potatoes are dipped into it. After crumbling minutes after the next boiling, half a cup of washed wheat is poured in, and the cooking continues for another quarter of an hour. Five minutes before the plate is cut off, laurel and pepper-peas are added to the soup.

fish pollack ears

Pollack ear: recipe for multivarka

Miracle-device greatly facilitates all culinary processes. This concerns the first dishes. The only thing you need to do to the landlady is to prepare the food.

  1. The carcass or fillet is washed and chopped into portions.
  2. Three potatoes are cut into cubes.
  3. A medium sized carrot crumbles in circles (you can rub it, but it will not be so beautiful).
  4. The bulb is peeled and cut in half (the small one can be left intact).
  5. A bunch of greenery is washed.

All products are put in the bowl, supplementedlavrushka and pepper peas, if desired - with wheat or rice. The tank is filled with water, salt and seasoning are added, the lid is closed and the extinguishing mode is switched on for an hour. If you are in a hurry, you can choose a baking mode, then the ear from pollock will be ready in half an hour. After the timer signal, greens, peppers, onion and laurel are removed, and the ear is laid out on plates and sprinkled with fresh herbs.

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