How to eat pineapple, or Everything you need to know about this tropical fruit

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There are products that you can eat only inaccordance with certain rules. Their eating is a whole ritual. Sometimes in this matter the main role is played by the benefit or harm of this or that part of the product. Not everyone, for example, knows how to eat pineapple, coconut and other little-known fruits.

The structure and properties of the exotic product

how to eat pineapple
The number of fruit on the shelves of stores inrecent years is striking in its diversity. Some of them are familiar to us from childhood, but there are also those that we have to see for the first time in our lives. So before you figure out how to eat, you must first study a particular fruit.

Take, for example, pineapple. This exotic miracle belongs to the genus of herbaceous plants. It is well known to all the inhabitants of tropical countries. The fruits of this unusual plant are used for food, which are rather interestingly arranged.

Looking at the ordinary pineapple, you can see that heas if assembled from several parts, as a designer or a children's puzzle. This - ovaries, fused into a single tangle. Therefore, pineapple is otherwise called "ornate", that is, it is a few fruits gathered together.

Reasonably, the question arises as to how to eat pineapple. Before you answer it, you need to understand the structure and properties of the tissues of this crop. Scientists have established that the soft tissues of this plant contain a huge amount of micronutrients and minerals useful to the human body. Here you can find in excess zinc and manganese, iron and calcium, iodine, potassium and magnesium. A rich set of vitally important vitamins (A, C, B1, B2 and B12) is simply amazing. Thanks to this unique composition, pineapples are capable of:

  1. Purify the walls of blood vessels and thereby significantly reduce blood pressure.
  2. Improve the process of digestion.
  3. Purify the intestines.
  4. Fight the cold, thanks to ascorbic acid.
  5. Resist the disease number 1 in the world - cancer.
  6. To promote the splitting of body fat withoutharm to the body. The secret is that the pineapple tissues contain an unusual enzyme called "bromelain", which takes on the main task associated with the disposal of unnecessary stocks. In addition, it also removes excess fluid from the body. And this is the end of cellulite and a dream for every woman.

Is there really no reason to start eating this is a real miracle of nature? In addition, it is also very tasty.

What to eat in pineapple?

Ordinary pineapple is an ovipositionoval shape. In the upper part is a crest of leaves, tightly compressed into a bundle. By the way, if you cut it and put it in the soil, a new plant will appear from it. Pineapple leaves are not used for food. In the 18th century in Russia they were tried to cook and even to sour like cabbage, but it somehow did not get accustomed. Today, the green part of pineapple is used as raw material for the textile industry. Strong enough threads are made from it.

Outside the fetus is covered with a very strong, thick andprickly crust, and inside is a juicy fragrant flesh. It is she who goes to food. Now you can think about how to eat pineapple. The simplest and most well-known variant consists of several stages, which need to be performed consistently:

how to eat pineapple

  1. Cut the top along with the leaves.
  2. Trim the base of the fertilizer.
  3. Sharp knife parallel movements from top to bottom to separate the edible part from the peel.
  4. Peel the product in circles.
  5. In each circle consistently remove the middle. It is quite stiff, compared with the main flesh.
  6. Prepared ringlets cut into pieces andServe with a dessert fork. If desired, the rings can be fed as a whole. In this case, you need to add a dessert knife to the cutlery. Separately for lovers of sweet served with powdered sugar.

But this is not the only way how to eat pineapple. There is a special etiquette about which lovers of this tropical fruit know firsthand.

What the flesh consists of

Under the strong barbed rind of the fruit is the flesh. It has a tubular structure and as if a fan is located around the axis. But the structure of the inside of the pineapple is not uniform. Outside, the flesh is friable and looks like bundles of small tubules filled with fragrant juice.

can you eat the middle of a pineapple

Closer to the center of the tissue compacted. This is the core of the fetus. Its structure is solid and slightly glassy. To chew up such a mass is not easy. Therefore, many often wonder whether it is possible to eat the middle of a pineapple. The answer is unequivocal: of course, it is possible. However, in this issue there are both positive and negative sides.

First, the benefit. The heart is good because it is in it in large numbers and contains the most miraculous bromelain. And those who decided to resort to the help of pineapple diet should take this into account. Using the "magic" properties of an unusual enzyme, the body begins to get rid of excessively, which ultimately leads not only to losing weight, but also to smoothing the skin. Secondly, the drawback. Basically, it is that the middle is too hard to eat with pleasure. It is used more as a "medicine". For the mass consumer, this part is carefully removed, and the food is only a ring of loose juicy pulp.

Methods of eating pineapple

Before you eat pineapple, you need to solve for yourself the most important question: why you will eat this fruit? There are two possible answers:

  • for pleasure;
  • for medicinal purposes.

In the second case, the whole inner parttogether with the core. In the first - all the way around. In this case, you need to know how to do it right. Here you should understand how to eat pineapple. There are four ways with which you can prepare the fruit for serving on the table:

  1. how to eat pineapple
    Fruit cut in half. From each halve with a sharp knife along the perimeter, cut the inner part and crush it with cubes. Pieces lay back in the peel and serve as a natural basket. This option will look great on the festive table.
  2. At the fetus, cut off the tip. From the remaining part, cut off the ring and peel it from the peel. Then with a knife, cut the circle into sectors and lay it in a bowl. In this case, it is necessary to eat as follows: take one lobe with fingers on the core, bite off the flesh, and throw out the middle. This is very convenient in the case when the pineapple is not eaten whole.
  3. This method is similar to the process of eating melons onEast. Pineapple must first be cut into slices. Then carefully peel the peel, and cut the flesh into parts. In this case, the peel will serve as a kind of "plate".
  4. Cut off the tip. After this, clean the fruit completely from the crust. Divide the inner part into lobules, in each of which to remove the middle. Cut the remaining pulp into pieces. This option is used for making different salads and other dishes.

Whoever likes

Each for himself decides how to eat pineapple. In addition to the main methods, there are many other options. For example, you can:

  • just gnaw it with your teeth (it's not safe);
  • squeeze juice, and then drink it alive or used to make other drinks;
  • grind in a blender and use for baking patties, pancakes or cakes;
  • to prepare jam;
  • use to decorate drinks and desserts.

Sometimes it is not possible to buy a fresh product. It is expensive, but you want to try. What to do? In this case, an excellent way out is to buy a canned product.

how to eat pineapple
In the trading network usually sold pineapples in the form ofCircles or pieces in a fragrant sweet filling. Sometimes fruit mixes are on sale. Such products are served on a table in bowls or kremankah. According to etiquette, they should be eaten with a fork or spoon (tea or dessert). Fruits can be spread on a platter and use a serving scoop as a cutlery.

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