Arrow of garlic: easy to pickle!

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What to do with a product like a garlic arrow? Marinating and salting it is not very difficult. The main thing - to strictly comply with all the requirements of the recipe and use only fresh ingredients.

arrow of garlic pickle

Today we will present you several options for preparing the mentioned snack. Which one to use is up to you.

Marinated young garlic arrow: recipe step-by-step preparation

Such a delicious and fragrant snack is idealsuitable for a festive feast. Moreover, it can not only be consumed during drinking alcoholic beverages, but also used in the preparation of various first and second courses.

So how to prepare for the winter a product like a garlic arrow? Marinating it is easy and simple. The workpiece made is unlikely to survive until winter, as it is consumed fairly quickly.

What products will we need to conserve such an ingredient as a garlic arrow? Marinate this fragrant greens with the following set of ingredients:

  • fresh garlic, or rather, its young shooters - about 1 kg;
  • water for marinade boiled - about 1 liter;
  • salt of a large cookery - about 50 g;
  • sunflower oil - at the discretion;
  • sugar of large white - about 50 g;
  • table vinegar natural (9%) - about 100 ml;
  • spices (pepper black peas, bay leaves, peppers burning red) - apply to taste.
    salt and pick garlic arrows

Process ingredients (fresh arrows of garlic)

Pour and pickle the arrows of garlic prettyjust. Fresh fresh herbs are thoroughly washed under the strong pressure of water, and then shaken in a colander and begin to slicing. Shinkur garlic should be 3-5 centimeters long.

After processing the shooter, they blanch. For this, the herbs are lowered into strongly boiling water and held for about two minutes. Finally they are thrown into a sieve and allowed to drain.

Preparation of aromatic marinade

To make a marinade for a fragrant snack, inA large pot is poured with drinking water in the amount of one liter. Then it is brought to a boil, poured table salt and large sugar. After boiling the liquid for about 5 minutes, it is removed from the fire and immediately added vinegar.

Process of snack formation and the process of its rolling

Now you know what ingredients are required,to implement the presented recipe. How to make arrows of garlic (marinate them)? After the marinade is ready, blanched greens are laid out in half-liter glass jars, first placing on their bottom laurel leaves, hot red pepper and sweet pepper pepper.

Filling the containers with arrows, they are immediately filled with a hot marinade. After this, one large spoonful of hot butter is spread into each jar.

After carrying out the described actions, the containers are immediately twisted with metal caps.

recipe how to make arrows of garlic

Turning the banks upside down, they are left in this position exactly for a day. After that pickled garlic is taken to the cellar or cellar. At a temperature of 3-7 degrees they are stored for six months.

Quickly salt the arrows of garlic for the winter

Now you know how the arrow is handledgarlic. You also learned to marinate this product. However, some cooks prefer to salt it. For this they use the following set of ingredients:

  • fresh garlic, that is, its young hands - about 1 kg;
  • water for brine boiled - about 1 liter;
  • a large salt - about 50 g;
  • sugar large white - about 60 g;
  • table vinegar natural (6%) - about 80 ml;
  • pepper black peas and umbrellas dried fennel - apply to taste.

Method of making salted hands

Lovers of garlic snack sign manufacturerVital. The arrows of garlic (marinated) under this brand are distinguished by a special taste and aroma. However, we recommend making this dish yourself. To do this, fresh greens are thoroughly washed, cut and blanched. While the liquid drains from the boiled arrows, they begin to prepare the brine. Pure water is boiled over high heat, and then add the large table salt, table vinegar and white sugar.

vital arrows of garlic pickled

After the brine is ready,sterilized 0.5-liter cans spread a black pepper pot and umbrellas dried fennel. Then they place blanched arrows in them, which are immediately filled with previously prepared boiling water.

Having rolled all the containers with metal caps, they are cooled and sent to the refrigerating chamber. You can eat this snack 5-7 days after cooking.

A simple and quick way to pick fresh garlic

If you do not want to harvests the arrows of garlicfor the winter, then we suggest simply salting them in fresh form. To do this, the greens are thoroughly washed, dried with paper towels and cut into 3-5 centimeters long.

After preparing the arrows, they are spread in a bowl, salt with a croup of salt and mix thoroughly. Then the product is distributed over half-liter jars and welled up with a tolstalk.

pickled young garlic arrows recipe

Filling the tanks, they are closed with ordinary onespolyethylene lids and left at room temperature for 12-16 hours. After the arrows give their juice, they are taken to the refrigerator. In it, salted garlic is stored for no more than two months.

It should be noted that such a product is not used as a snack, as it turns out to be too salty. Although some cooks still use it with bread.

Such a preparation is well added to the goulash (during the heat treatment), as well as other first or second courses.

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