How to choose dates good and quality?

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Dates are a delicious and useful sweetness. After the harvest, the fruits are dried. In this case, they are often treated with additional means to preserve the appearance. How to choose dates to make them useful for the body? There are several nuances that you need to consider when buying. About them is told in the article.


Before you learn about how to choose dates,one should study their useful properties. The product is high-calorie - about 220 kcal per 100 g. It is recommended to be used for diseases of the heart, vessels, and stomach diseases. Dates are useful for colds. They are also valuable for the lack of cholesterol.

how to choose dates

Fruits can not be consumed only with sugardiabetes, since they have a high glycemic index. The rest of the people they are not contraindicated, you only need to observe the measure. A day is enough for a couple of fruits to benefit.


But, in addition to useful properties, there are contraindications:

  1. Fruits are rich in a lot of sugars. Healthy people need to eat them in moderation so as not to cause diabetes.
  2. Dates are a product with high energy value, so their excessive use harms people with obesity.
  3. If you eat a lot of fruits of date palms, then it can cause inflammation in the digestive tract. Therefore, at the risk of such diseases, you need to use the product carefully.
  4. Do not combine in one dish dates with citrus fruits. It can cause indigestion.
  5. Contraindications include individual intolerance.

How and where do the dates grow?

In northern Africa, fruits serve as a substitute for bread. The date palms have leaves like ferns, the fruits grow large bunches. Usually ripe berry has a brownish-red color, but they are yellow, gray-blue, brown.

how to choose the dates

The pulp is fibrous, sweet. When ripe, the bunches are cut and dried in the sun. This results in a dried fruit known to all. They are brought to Russia from Israel, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Morocco, but the leader is Saudi Arabia.

Recommendations for selection

How to choose quality dates, simple tips will help:

  1. Pay attention to the color of the fruit. They can not be light, greenish. Quality products have a uniform dark color.
  2. It is important to check the integrity of the package. It must be tightly closed, without damage. In this case, the fruit will last much longer, in addition, the product will be fresh.
  3. An important role is played by the general appearance of the product. Dates should not be hard, it's important that they do not shine.
  4. How to choose the right dates? Peel should not be cracked if there was a natural drying. And this drawback appears when drying in the oven to speed up the process. They are suitable for use, but the taste is not the same as that of a properly prepared product.
  5. Make sure the product is fresh. He should not have a fermented smell and a wrinkled appearance. Such signs indicate storage failures.
  6. Fruits should not stick together. If there are sugar crystals, the dates are processed with syrup for additional sweetening.
  7. How to choose good dates? Fruits should not be bold. They have no stickiness and slipperiness, they are pleasant to the touch and low-fat.
  8. It is advisable to choose fruits with a stone. They are subjected to minor processing, and therefore are considered useful.

If you are interested in how to select dates, thentake into account the above nuances. Quality products will be delicious and healthy. Products are sold in the markets and in stores, both on weight and in packages.


You need to know not only how to choose dates,and how to store them. They need a cool room, so it's better to place them in the refrigerator. In this case, the container should be closed tightly so that no foreign odor will penetrate.

how to choose dates without processing

If you want to keep the dates for a short time, they are left at room temperature. The main thing is that they are not affected by the sun's rays.

Keeping of fresh dates

Such products are stored in the refrigerator. Pre-it does not need to be washed. Fruits are put in a paper bag or wrapped in paper. For fresh products, a temperature of 0 degrees is sufficient. Such conditions usually are on the shelf under the freezer. That the whole party does not rot, you need to check it regularly. If it before shipment to the refrigerator was of excellent quality, then it can be stored for about 2 months.

Pressed dates

Room temperature is suitable for them, becausethey are processed in special conditions by pasteurization. To make the product dry, it must be wrapped in paper or a bag. Then it should be placed in a dark, cool place where there is no light. Shelf life is usually on the package. It is believed that they can lie for a long time, it is desirable to consume them within a year.

how to choose good dates

Than process?

To determine which dates to select,learn about their origin, the method of production. The best is considered a product that has matured naturally. In this case, it dries up on the palm. To speed up the procedure, heat treatment in the chambers and furnaces is carried out.

Products can be soaked in sugar orglucose syrup. Such a product will not be harmful, but it is of little use. With syrup, the dried fruit becomes sweet and caloric. Sulfide gas is rarely used. How to choose dates without processing? Usually this is stated on the package.

How to wash?

Before consumption, the products are washed. It is necessary to do this, as it is not known exactly where and how they were processed. Clean warm water will be required. You can soak the fruit for 20 minutes, then drain the water and rinse again. Even if the product is not processed, it will not prevent washing out to clean it of dust and dirt.

Dates in Cooking

Dates are used in pure form, with water, teaand other drinks. Also from them prepare different dishes. Fruits are used as a basis for sauces and gravy. They serve for the preparation of salads, stew, pilaf. Of them, prepare delicious and healthy drinks.

dates how to choose quality

Dates as a means of care

In the dates there are many valuable components for outdoor use. They are known in the world for excellent effect on the skin, the extract rejuvenates it remarkably at the cell level.

Date bones used for cookingmasks for the face. To evaluate their properties, you need to grind a few, mix with the olive oil to a homogeneous mass. After this, the product is applied to the skin of the face, and then it must be washed off. The results are noticeable almost immediately. If you perform the procedures regularly, you can achieve a clean, smooth skin.

Useful recipes

The date broth is used for prolonged coughing. To make it, you need 6-7 fruits, which must be filled with milk (1 glass), boil for 10 minutes. After cooling, the drink can be consumed, and the fruits can be eaten. Do it better at night.

what dates to choose

For constipation, the following composition is useful: 10 fruits should be cut, butter (0.5 tbsp.) Warmed, add black pepper, and then mix everything. It is used all on an empty stomach.

There is a prescription for getting rid of anemia and fatigue: 10 dates, ginger (0.5 tablespoons), cardamom, saffron. In glassware, everything has to be shaken. It should be put in the shade for 14 days, and you can use it in the morning. With insomnia, neuroses, dates are eaten with milk.

Thus, dates are valuable products. To ensure that they bring the maximum benefit to the body, you should choose them correctly. Therefore, the above recommendations are necessarily useful in that they take care of their health.

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