Black bread is a delicious treat at home

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As they say, bread is everything to the head. Long ago the Slavic peoples were famous for their passion for this product. Black bread is valued for its useful properties, for a huge amount of minerals and vitamins, especially group B. Doctors-nutritionists are advised to use 300 grams of this product daily. Due to its useful properties, black bread regulates and stabilizes such an indicator as blood sugar level, reducing the risk of diabetes.

Our ancestors baked this delicious product inLarge stoves on special recipes. Currently, the technology has changed, replaced by modern electric bakeries. This equipment allows you to use your own recipes in the preparation of flour products and combine various components, helping to achieve a new taste of familiar products. Various variations and complete sets of bakeries make it possible to bake black bread, loaves, various rolls and a huge number of all kinds of good things.

black bread

Recipes vary according tothe desired result and the recommendations that are indicated on the apparatus for manufacturing the product. So, black bread can be cooked in a bakery or an oven, following certain rules. For example, rye flour, which is the basis for making this product, becomes very sticky, no matter how much flour is added. Therefore, when kneading the test, it is recommended to lubricate the hands with oil.

Excellent and mouth-watering loaves are obtained fromloose, more liquid dough. When making rye products, wheat flour is also added: rye flour does not contain gluten, unlike the "white" analogue. Often it is thanks to the wheat powder that the baking acquires a specific flavor and taste.

Russian bread

In order to cook homemade rye bread, you will need:

- a life-giving liquid for all products - water - a whole cup and another quarter;

- it is necessary to add 2 standard tablespoons of table size of 5% apple cider vinegar or 6% wine;

- Pour into the preform one and a half st. tablespoons of powdered milk;

- add 2 standard tablespoons of butter;

- the necessary ingredient is treacle - brown cane sugar or honey, which is also used in the preparation of bread, it will require one and a half teaspoons;

- the same amount of salt is needed;

- one teaspoon of cocoa powder and instant coffee;

- Wheat flour, the amount of two and a half cups, is also added to the mixture;

- Of course, rye powder - one full cup and 2 additional standard table spoons;

- two teaspoons of yeast and one tablespoon of leaven complete the list of necessary ingredients.

homemade bread

In addition to all this, you can add cumin, coriander, as well as raisins and other dried fruits.

To fall asleep components it is necessary in that order,which is indicated in the instructions to the bakery. It is also recommended to cut the oil into small pieces, and place sugar, cocoa, salt and coffee in different angles of the apparatus. The mode to be selected is called "Rye bread".

There are a huge number of recipes for making black rolls. Fans of experimentation can cook not only Ukrainian, but also Borodino, Karelian, Riga and Russian bread.

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