What is the value of chilled fish?

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Chilled fish is a valuable nutritious product, highly valued by consumers. This type of product is perishable and needs special storage conditions.

Chilled fish


At the very dawn of civilization, people began to minefish. Its various species today occupy one of the most important places in the habitual diet of modern man, along with meat, cereals and vegetables. For the inhabitants of the coastal regions, all sorts of sea gifts form the basis of the diet.

For each locality are typicalcommon, and rare types of aquatic inhabitants. They differ among themselves both in their structure and nutritional value. Firstly, commercial varieties are divided into river and sea. Both groups are extensive and numerous.

Dietitians prefer the inhabitantsOcean depths, the meat of which is less bony and is famous for its higher nutritional value. However, their freshwater cousins ​​often have an absolutely excellent taste: carp, grayling and many others.

Storage of chilled fish

Chilled Fish: Product Benefits

The development of most microorganisms is absentor noticeably slows down with a decrease in temperature. All biochemical processes occurring under the influence of specific enzymes occur at a much slower rate. Special canning with the help of cold best ensures the quality of products: from direct catch of fish and to its final implementation, as required by GOST.

Fish chilled is characterized by temperaturemeat near the spine from - 1 to +5 C. In order to keep it well, you need to cool it almost immediately after the catch. To do this, use various effective methods - with the help of special grades of crushed ice, its mixtures with salt, its solution and ice air. For realization through trade networks the product comes in chilled.

Storage of chilled fish: methods and conditions

In recent years, it is quality coolingfishery products is one of the main directions of the industry. In the world market, chilled fish is in high demand, and the sector of its production is one of the fastest growing. Freshly caught fish is a steam room. Her body is covered with mucus with a high mucin content. It can not be stored for long and should be implemented as soon as possible.

Chilled fish
To increase the possible storage time for such products, it must be cooled quickly. Various methods are used for this:

  • Ice-cold sea water perfectly preserves the quality of the product. But if its effect lasts more than 24 hours, then the outer tissues of the carcass swell.
  • The ice-saline mixture allows the product to cool down to its deep layers rather quickly, but its use increases the percentage of salt on the body surface.
  • Different layers of crushed ice are peppered with layers of fish. At the same time, it can be made from sea and fresh water. It will take three quarters of the ice from the total mass of the product.

GOST chilled fish

Product range

Chilled fish goes on sale in a wideassortment. In this case, the conditions required by GOST 814-96 must be met. This standard applies to fish of all types and families. Sturgeon breeds often undergo bleeding before the process of cooling, and only then they will be gutted. Lacustrine, Far Eastern and Baltic salmon, as a rule, are produced undivided, but compulsory gutting is subject to Osman, Marinka and Dneprovsky barbel.

Large cod, perch and catfish should bebeheaded and gutted; small navaga, small cod and haddock are not broken. Large pike and catfish are to be sold only in gutted form. Stavrida and mackerel come in flesh, flounder is necessarily gutted.

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