Chinese plum wine: overview, types, features and reviews

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In the eastern countries, the sink is considered a symbollongevity. There are many useful properties that Chinese and Japanese winemakers use to make delicious sweet wines. Plum very slowly wanders without sugar, therefore for preparation of a drink from it it takes a lot of time, diligence and patience. A rather expensive drink is Chinese plum wine. Reviews about it say that this is the most positive fruit drink. About him and will be discussed in our article.

Features of a strong national oriental drink

The Chinese and the Japanese are enthusiastic about everything,which is connected with the plum. Plum spirit in these countries began to produce a very long time, more than a millennium ago. Classical Chinese plum wine with plums make from the Shanghai greenish-white variety mum. This drink is quite strong, about 20 degrees of concentration.

Chinese plum wine

Ume plum is very much appreciated in China. In July, when its fruits ripen, traditional summer rains are pouring in the country. These downpours have been dubbed "plum rains". It is believed that a drink from the mummy relieves fatigue, stimulates metabolism.

Modern Chinese technologists are tryingUse the same recipe for the drink that their ancestors used. What does the drink look like and what does it taste like? Chinese plum wine is distinguished by its lightness and unusual aroma. It has a gently golden color, a fruity bouquet with almond notes. It is a sweet, sated drink, without a shade of mawkishness, having a long pleasant aftertaste.

How not to love Chinese plum wine! For the production take the ripe plums Ume, together with bones, fill them with a fruit sugar-alcohol solution. First, the drink has a greenish-yellow color. With the help of various spices and herbs, the wine is given the necessary shade and flavor. So there is a red, yellow, green Chinese plum wine. As additives take the leaves of green tea, honey, a very fragrant local plant - perilla.

Overview of plum wine

Alcohol from the plums is not only prepared inChina and Japan, but also in many countries of Europe and Transcaucasia. To make a plum drink, many recipes have been developed, so the assortment of alcohol is very large. This fruit alcohol is suitable for any meal, especially a gala dinner.

The most popular plum wine from China is"Yukiheme." To make this sort of drink is not easy. Plums are first placed in special containers, add to them a strong national drink Shokhu and fruit sugar. This mixture is mixed every day and insisted for about a year. Then the drink is filtered. Then this strong alcohol is diluted with plum juice, adjusted to 15% of alcohol and bottled.

Chinese plum wine with plums

Many Chinese and Europeans appreciated the ancient plum wine Plum Wine. It is considered an exquisite and expensive drink. Alcohol is bottled in small bottles from 0.355 liters to 0.72 liters.

From the first sip, some fall in love with the ChinesePlum wine with plums "Tianyi". It reminds compote and has a pleasant aftertaste. It is very good to give him a bird. Impregnated with wine, plums are also eaten.

Several floating plums can be seen in bottles of Happy Panda wine. The drink has a pleasant golden color. The sweetish taste of green sinks fuses nicely with the bitterness of the bones.

Today, plum wine is also produced in Russia. This is how the fruit drink at the Rubin plant near Moscow is set up. The experimental alcohol is called "Ke-So". Connoisseurs of wine drinks know about the Russian white wine from the plum "Fruit-Leith".

A good quality plum royaldrinks from Armenia "Artsruni" and Arame Plum. Many people have heard about the Japanese plum wine "Hatsukuru" and the Chinese drink "Orient Sun". In the shops there is a German wine "Zen" and a Bulgarian drink "Haiku".

An innovative product is considered authenticplum wine from Japan - Naomi. This is the embodiment of the ancient traditions of Japanese winemakers. The Italian equipment is used for making the drink. Naomi is very rich in useful minerals, so it removes fatigue, improves metabolism.

Red plum wine with plums "Tang Fang"

Sweet red wine with plums Tan Fung knownworldwide. This traditional Chinese drink is made from a delicious fruit mummy berry. The wine has a rich pomegranate shade, to get the color used plant perilla.

Chinese plum wine reviews

Tan Fung has a delicate fruity aroma with a flavorbones of plum. Wine is very pleasantly drunk, because it has a pleasant sourness. The drink is used to create cocktails, sauces and various dishes of Chinese cuisine.

Application procedure

Plum wine is very pleasant to drink, it is notSugary, although it has a sweetish taste. How correctly to drink this alcohol? As dishes use matte cups on a low thin stalk. The Japanese put it on tables in restaurants in special small decanters. They drink wine with small sips, stretching pleasure. It is good to use a little ice before use.

Most often they are washed down with sushi or combined with desserts. The taste of plums is perfectly revealed if you add ice cream to the ice cream.

red plum wine with plums Tang Fung

How much is and how to choose the right one

Among the large assortment of plum wine in Russiathere are original and fake copies. The non-natural product is characterized by the composition of preservatives, flavors and colorants. Quality wine from plums is quite expensive. Before buying, you should carefully study the label, pay attention to the manufacturer.

A bottle of Chinese plum wine in the volume of 0.72 liters has a value of around 1,000 rubles. This kind of drink will give odds to even whiskey.

plum wine review

Customer Reviews

Many buyers occasionally pamper themselves with expensiveChinese wine from plums. Usually they get a drink with 12% or 15% strength. Consumers note a special taste of wine. Sweet saturated is most often diluted with ice cubes.

Experienced lovers are advised to drink it in moderation to establish metabolic processes in the body. The head does not spin after the drink. Excellent combination of alcohol with fish and meat.

Many families purchase plum wine for their alcoholic bars. The most grandiose holidays will sweeten real Chinese plum wine!

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