Roast from a rabbit

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Rabbit meat is not just delicious and delicate,but also dietary. That is why it is so loved by true gourmets. A good place in the list of recipes from it is roast from a rabbit. Cook it once and appreciate the taste of the stunning food.

A whole carcass of a rabbit weighing 1-1.5 kgdivide into portions, thoroughly wash and dry with a paper towel. On vegetable oil, fry portioned pieces until golden brown and transfer them to the dishes, in which you will cook the roast from the rabbit. In addition to the rabbit, we need potatoes, onions, tomatoes, garlic. About a kilogram (grams 700-800) of potatoes is cleaned, my. Large cut into pieces, small we use entirely. Peeled and washed potatoes fry in a pan until golden brown and put the second layer on the meat. Then lightly fry onion rings (2 large onions) and lay them in a third layer. Tomatoes (2 pieces) and garlic (4-5 denticles) are cut small and also take their place in the dishes, where the roast from the rabbit will be prepared. Vegetables in the process of quenching will release the juice, which will impregnate the rabbit. All this pie of meat and vegetables should be poured with three tablespoons of sour cream, diluted in a glass of cool boiled water. If the sauce does not cover the vegetables, then it's worth adding more sour cream. As for salt and spices (quantity per lover), they are best added to the fill. We bring the roast from the rabbit with the potatoes to a boil and simmer on low heat for about an hour. Try a wooden stick to check the readiness of the meat. If you think that the dish is not ready, leave it to stew for another ten to fifteen minutes until ready. Finely cook the roast from the rabbit carefully put on the dish so that the meat is on top, and sprinkle with finely chopped greens. The dish turns out very tasty, fragrant and appetizing in appearance.

Slightly fantasizing, this recipe can bediversify: add a layer of cut zucchini slices that will make the roast more juicy. And if you add to the same and pieces of carrots, the dish will get a sweet note, which is also popular with many. Slicing the same pieces of Bulgarian pepper for different colors, you will get an appetizing rainbow on the plate. But, besides beauty and taste qualities, this dish is extremely useful. Rabbit is a champion in the content of vitamins and minerals among different types of meat. Since it is absorbed by the body by 96%, it is recommended even for patients with serious gastrointestinal diseases. Rabbit meat must be included in the diet of cancer patients with the course of chemotherapy, since it is able to reduce the dose of radiation received. The vitamins contained in the rabbit are a barrier to atherosclerosis. A low calorie of this meat makes it possible to lose weight to fans of meat dishes.

Roast is best for cookingto use cast-iron kazanok. But if you wait for guests and want to surprise them, then I suggest you cook the roast from a rabbit in a pot. The cooking technology differs only in that you spread the meat and vegetables not in one dish, but in portions into ceramic pots for each of the guests. And to extinguish pots put in a cold oven which gradually warm up to 180 degrees. Each pot should be covered with foil, but it will be much better if you make a lid from a regular test. In the oven, the roast will also be cooked for about an hour. I guarantee that your guests will be delighted, and this dish will become a favorite in your family.

If the roast, cooked in the oven, youwill seem more tasty, that is, it makes sense to buy a large ceramic pot for 4-5 servings. You will cook in it not only roast, but also pilaf, dolma, vegetable stew in the oven. In such a magic pot you can cook delicate stewed veal, spicy chicken or pork in sweet and sour sauce, for example. Cook with pleasure! Bon Appetit!

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