How to keep lingonberries for the winter: three ways

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Lingonberry is a very useful berry, it containsa large number of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other substances that help the body to fight diseases and to maintain immunity. Berry is very helpful in the treatment of colds. Freshly it lasts for a long time - up to several weeks, but that's how to keep lingonberries for the winter - that's another question, we'll answer it in our article. After reading it, you can choose how to prepare a berry - to freeze it, to prepare a vitamin supply or a tasty jam.

how to preserve bilberry for the winter

How to keep the cowberry fresh for the winter?

The easiest way is to freeze the berries infridge. For this, rinse and dry the cranberries, place them on plates and send them to the freezer. After a couple of hours, the berries can be transferred to bags or boxes and sent to a long storage again in the freezer. It will also be delicious, if the berry is sprinkled with sugar. Try to put a small amount of cranberries in packages, since it is undesirable to freeze it repeatedly. In winter, from fresh berries, you can boil the mors, jelly or just rub with sugar and serve for tea. Lingonberry is also very good as a filling for pies and for making sauces for game or meat.

how to keep lingonberries for the winter

How to keep lingonberries for the winter: cook berry without cooking

During heat treatment, some of the vitamins are lost,so the most acceptable way to store lingonberries is to rub it with sugar and store in cans under the lids. For 1 kilogram of berries you will need 1 or slightly more kilograms of sugar (at your discretion). Cranberry pick, wash and dry. Put into a basin or a pan and sprinkle with sugar, stir, and then grind with a submerged blender or otherwise (in a meat grinder, a conventional blender, etc.). After a good mix, spread on sterilized jars and roll them up. Perhaps, stocking is the most popular way of keeping lingonberries for the winter. By the way, to maintain immunity in the cold season once a day and home, you can prepare the mors from the supply - just dilute a tablespoon of bilberry billet in a glass of warm water, add honey to taste and drink with pleasure.

how to cook lingonberries for the winter

How to keep cranberries for the winter: cook aromatic jam

And of course, the most popular way to eatberries in winter - is to cook a tasty jam from them. For him you will need cranberries and sugar in equal proportions. Prepare berries - go through, wash, and then pour sugar. Pour the saucepan on the stove and bring the mass to a boil. As soon as the first bubbles appear on the surface, remove the fire to a minimum and cook for half an hour. Done - jam a little cool, put them in jars and close them with lids. Now you know how to prepare lingonberries for the winter, and even in the cold you will have the opportunity to eat fresh berries in a useful way, as well as to prepare useful jams or jelly from jam or supplies, or eat it with tea.

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