Cooking spaghetti in a multivark

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Multivarka is a popular modern device, withwhich can significantly speed up and simplify cooking. In addition, it replaces many other devices, so it also allows you to free space in the kitchen. You can cook a variety of dishes, from porridge to dessert. For example, you can make an original and simple dish - spaghetti in a multivark.

Spaghetti in the Multivariate
Pasta in a multivariate can serve as an excellentgarnish to meat or fish. Pasta is a source of carbohydrates, but it can also be considered a diet dish. The main thing - do not get involved in fatty sauces. No wonder many Italians who eat a variety of pasta every day, even in old age can boast of a beautiful figure, as well as beautiful skin and hair - in macaroni from durum wheat contains vitamins and fiber. So, it is decided - we prepare spaghetti in the multivarquet.

Of course, you can just boil them in hotwater. But sometimes there is almost no time to cook, but you still want to try a new and unusual one. Preparing pasta in a multivarquet will be the optimal solution for this situation.

Let's start with the simplest recipe. Using the "Pilaf" mode, put the pasta in a multivark, add oil and a small amount of water. As a rule, the program takes forty minutes. If you use the "Soup" mode, everything will be ready faster, in twenty minutes.

Pasta in the Multivariate
You can pre-fry in the mode"Bake" vegetables and meat, then add the pasta and add a little water. After that you need to turn on the "Plov" or "Meat" mode for twenty minutes. The peculiarity of using the regime for pilaf is that with this cooking the pasta is not boiled, does not burn and does not dry out. If you use a higher temperature, the dish may burn, so you need to stir it constantly.

One of the most original wayscooking spaghetti in a multivark is a casserole. Boiled pasta with vegetables should be fried in the "Baking" mode for ten minutes, after which the mixture is filled with milk and eggs and sprinkled with cheese. The dish is prepared half an hour on the "Bake" mode. Instead of vegetables, you can use mushrooms, eggplant, meat or fish for casserole.

Cooking macaroni in a multivariate
Another option favorite by all dishes - pastain the Navy. First you need to prepare spaghetti in a multivark, you can use the method described first. After that you need to get the spaghetti and rinse it. Finely chopped onions and carrots with vegetable oil and minced meat are fried in the "Frying" mode for about a quarter of an hour. The mixture is added pre-cooked spaghetti, everything is mixed and another five minutes is fried in the same mode. Everything, pasta in the Navy with the help of multivarques are ready.

Finally, an elegant recipe in the Italian style -pasta with cream sauce. For him, you need five minutes in the "Hot" mode to cook onions, then add a glass of cream and a little grated Parmesan, as well as a few spices, for example, ginger and pepper. Stir until the cheese melts, then add the egg and mix everything quickly. A hot cream sauce is ready, you just have to cook your favorite macaroni in the multivarquet, pour in their sauce and turn on the "Quenching" mode for ten minutes. When serving, you can decorate the dish with grated cheese and fresh basil.

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