Dried figs: useful properties and contraindications

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Figs or figs - this is one of the oldestcultivated plants on our planet, which is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible. As is known, according to the Old Testament, it was her leaves that became the first "clothing" for man, and in the Koran there is Surat At-tin, in which Allah swears by fig and olive, as two blessed fruits.

Figs are consumed in fresh and dried form. From its ripe fruits prepare also tasty jam and jam. This fruit is perfectly combined with meat, so it is included in the main dishes of the most exquisite restaurants.

About this, what useful properties and contraindications for dried figs, this article will tell.

Description of fruits

Depending on the variety, the fruits of the fig treehave a black-blue, yellow, purple or black color. They are covered with thin skin with small fluff. At the top there is a hole in the form of an eyelet, which is covered with scales.

Fig fruits in a ripe form have excellenttaste and contain many valuable substances. However, they are very gentle and they are almost impossible to transport, as they quickly lose marketability. To export fresh figs, it has to be ripped from trees in an immature form. However, in this case, the fig fruit contains significantly fewer substances that have a positive effect on the human body.

Save all the valuable vitamins and trace elements contained in fresh fig tree fruit, you can by removing excess moisture from them.

fig on the tree

How to cook

The dried figs, whose useful properties will be considered further, are easily and quickly obtained in the oven. A little longer you will dry it under the direct sun.

In the first case you need:

  • rinse the fruit;
  • cut off from them all the damaged parts and tails;
  • wipe each fruit with a paper towel;
  • heat the oven to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and in any case not allow it to rise, as in a very warm oven, ripe fruit is simply baked;
  • cut each fig fruit into halves;
  • to spread pieces of fruit on a lattice or on a baking sheet and to put to dry in the heated up oven at slightly slightly opened door;
  • Dry fruit for at least 8 hours, periodically turning over the figs.

Dried figs, whose useful properties wereknown in ancient times, can be considered ready when its upper part becomes leathery and dense. In addition, when cutting the finished dried fruit should not be allocated juice.

How to Dry Figs in the Sun

The traditional way is to leave the cut fruit under the direct rays of the sun. To dry figs in the open air, you need:

  • prepare the figs (rinse and dry);
  • cut into thin plates;
  • cover the pan or grate with clean gauze;
  • decompose the fruit on it with a cut upward;
  • Cover the fig with a layer of gauze to protect them from insects;
  • fix the gauze on a tray with scotch tape;
  • Place a container with figs in such a place that the fruit is exposed to direct sunlight.

To prepare this method of dried figs,useful properties of which are widely used in folk medicine, it will take 2-3 days. In this case, you need to turn every morning pieces of fruit, so that they dried out faster and more evenly. If after 3 days the fig is not ready, you can dry it in the oven.

Ready dried fruits should be spread out on containers and closed with a lid. Keep the dried figs in the fridge. He will not lose his useful properties for 2 years.

fig fruits


The use of dried figs for the health of adults and children has long been proven. It is a consequence of the balanced chemical composition of the fig tree fruit.

Immature fig fruits contain caustic milky juice and are not edible. Quite a different situation with ripe figs.

In its fresh form, its fruits contain up to 24% of sugars(fructose and glucose), and in dried water - up to 50%. They also contain tannins, organic acids, fats and proteins, and in leaves - such unique substances as psoralen and bergapten.

In addition, fresh figs contain up to 24%sugars, 1.3% proteins and 0.5% acids. In dried fruits, protein is 3-6%, and sugar is 40-50%. Such a composition gives them a pleasant taste, and the person who tried them, has a feeling of satiety. The caloric content of dried fruits is 214 kcal per 100 g. They contain vitamins (A, B1, B3, C and PP) and mineral substances (sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus). In addition, the fig contains potassium. At the same time, there are so many that, according to its content, the fig is second only to nuts.

dish with dried figs

Useful properties of dried figs for health

This fruit is widely used in folkmedicine. It has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis, removes toxins from the body and delicately solves the problem of constipation. Contained in fruit pectins restore and heal connective tissue and articular cartilage.

A high level of antioxidants clears blood from dense cholesterol plaques, as well as small vessels and capillaries, making them more elastic and less permeable.

Healers and specialists of traditional medicineuse fig fruits for the treatment of anemia, various infections, oncology, fungal diseases, musculoskeletal problems, cardiovascular, nervous, digestive and endocrine diseases, as well as the oral cavity, skin and respiratory organs.

Useful properties of dried figs for women

In many countries of the East, dried figsSince ancient times, recommended to girls and women suffering from pain during menstruation. In addition, the inclusion of this fruit in the diet helped to normalize mental balance during the period of menstruation.

Especially figs are useful to those who planget pregnant or expect a baby. Dried figs contain a significant amount of folic acid, which helps maintain the integrity of the placenta and has a very positive effect on the fetal development of the fetus.

And yet, in many countries of the East, expectant motherstry to regularly treat figs, especially in the last months of pregnancy, as it is noticed that in this case the births pass more easily and are less likely to be protracted.

sliced ​​dried figs

The use of figs for men's health

Use figs recommended to representatives of the stronger sex. Useful properties of dried figs for men - the ability to effectively cope with impotence.

This was known in ancient times. Healing medicines eastern doctors prepared as follows: soaked 2 dried fruit in 1 glass of warm milk and left to insist night. In the morning the patient had to drink the resulting liquid and eat the flesh of the fruit.

Figs in folk medicine are used for fightingwith prostatitis. To prepare a medicinal drink take 5 fruits and fill them with 1 glass of hot water. Stir thoroughly, insist a little and drink twice a day for 1 glass 30 minutes before eating. Treatment should be carried out within 1 month. If there is no improvement in the patient's condition, you can repeat this course in 2-3 weeks.

ripe dried figs

For those who struggle with excess weight

Widely known and useful properties of driedfigs for weight loss. It is established that its ripe fruits contain a lot of ballast substances, which reduce the feeling of hunger. In addition, its grains have an effect on the human body that is identical to what the intestines have fiber. They improve digestion and prevent constipation.

In order to lose excess pounds,it is necessary at least 2-3 times a week instead of afternoon tea or dinner to eat a couple of figs. And nutritionists recommend eating it separately without adding other products.

Thus, dried figs are a wonderful assistant in the fight against excess weight.

figs on a tree

Is it possible to give fig tree fruit to children

For babies the useful properties of dried figs(see photo above) should also not be ignored. These fruits are not only possible, but also need to be given to children. They are a real storehouse of vitamins and can replace any "pharmacy" vitamin complexes. At the same time, for colds, it is useful for babies to give a drink from milk, in which the dried figs were soaked, with the addition of butter and honey. The use of this remedy will cough much faster than any tablet.

Children who do not eat well, syrup from figs will help restore appetite and improve digestion.

In addition, the mineral salts contained in figspotassium, iron and magnesium normalize the processes of hematopoiesis, so their use helps to increase the level of hemoglobin, as well as relieve anemia and improve blood quality.

If the baby often has problems with a stool, a mashed potatoes from fresh or hot-dried dried fruits normalizes the work of the intestines.

The only thing: it is recommended to include figs in the children's diet gradually and carefully following the reaction of the body to a new product for it.

Contraindications to use

As you can see, the list of useful properties of FIG.sufficiently extensive. However, dried figs, calorie and useful properties of which you already know, has a number of contraindications to eating. In particular, it is not recommended for diabetics because of the high content of sugars, as well as for people suffering from gout, since the fruit of this fruit has an increased content of oxalic acid. Doctors are not advised to use figs and exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract due to the abundance of fiber in them.

People with a weak stomach are advised not to use figs before long trips or before an important meeting, since this fruit has strong laxative properties.

All this has an indirect effect onheart activity and contributes to its improvement. With the use of dried fig fruits, the heart rhythm is normalized, and blood pressure is lowered and tachycardia passes.

Some useful tips

If you boil dried figs in milk, thenwill be an excellent cough remedy, which is used for various respiratory diseases that are accompanied by a cough, such as whooping cough, tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

The same curative broth is used as an antipyretic and diaphoretic for these diseases.

Significant content of vitamins of group B indried fig fruits explains the use of this fruit for the nervous system. In particular, after its use in humans, the activity of the nervous system is normalized, the mood improves, and mental activity and efficiency increase.

In 100 g of dried fig fruits there is 256calories, so it is not recommended to consume a large amount of this dried fruit, especially if there is a desire to get rid of excess kilograms. But for those who have a lack of body weight, for example, after surgical interventions and strict diets for medical reasons, figs are useful as a restoring and high-calorie food.

ripe figs

Now you know what are the useful properties andcontraindications for dried figs. We hope this information will help you to improve your health and cope with excess weight without resorting to medication and without using dietary supplements.

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