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With the departure of Soviet power, many products andphenomena suddenly burst into our lives and gradually became ordinary. One of the products, which from the overseas curiosity turned into an integral part of our daily life, was Coca Cola. This drink is drunk both by children and adults. Around him there are many legends, often reminiscent of terrible fairy tales. And it's absolutely not surprising, because the composition of Coca Cola for many years kept a secret. And people are such that if they are not told something, they begin to come up with the missing details themselves. Of course, the packaging shows an approximate composition of the product, which includes dye, carbon dioxide, orthophosphoric acid, caffeine, sugar or sweetener and mysterious natural flavors. But this does not provide exhaustive information and a complete answer to the question of what makes Coca Cola.

For a more thorough study of the issue,perhaps, to return in 1886, when the apothecary John Pemberton, a resident of Atlanta, invented a new drink. His name, invented by the accountant of Pemberton, consists of the names of the original ingredients, which served as coca leaves and cola nuts - tropical wood. This mixture was diluted with water and sold at a pharmacy, where, however, it was not very popular. It is impossible to say with absolute certainty if the story of how the Coca Cola has become carbonated is not a myth. However, it is claimed that one of the pharmacy visitors, who suffered from a hangover, asked to add gas to the new drink. Since then, Coca-Cola has been used as a refreshing and tonic drink with pleasure. It is worth mentioning that the Coca Cola logo remained unchanged from the moment the drink appeared. He was also coined by an accountant at Pemberton.

For so many years, the drink, of course, could not remainunchanged, the various ingredients of Coca Cola changed at different times. Until recently, the exact recipe was kept by the manufacturer in the strictest secrecy. Do not doubt that the creation of excessive mystery around what makes Coca Cola, served only to the advantage of the popularity of the drink. The most mysterious ingredient was the Coca-Cola extract. It was assumed that it consists of a mixture of components of plant origin, but no one knew the truth. Even the employees of the beverage factory could not clarify the situation, since the ingredients were mixed under code names. It turned out to find out what make a Coca Cola, it is enough to sue the company, which, in fact, was done in Turkey. Representatives of the Turkish Fund of St. Nicholas said that under the laws of the country the producer is obliged to indicate on the packaging the exact composition of the product.

When the world learned what Coca Cola is made ofIn fact, the surprise of drink lovers did not have a limit. Not everyone was pleased to learn that a mysterious ingredient is made from insects. For the production of a natural dye of carmine, which is part of the cola cola, females of the cochineal are used, an insect belonging to the squad of semi-wings. It turns out that people knew how to get carmine from ancient times, so that Coca Cola producers did not invent anything new.

For especially suspicious people, the fact thatthe drink they drink, the added component derived from insects, may not be too pleasant. Perhaps, in part, that's why the component was kept secret for so long. However, it can not but rejoice that the dye carmine has a completely natural origin and is harmless to the body. At least, the fans tell stories about the incredible harm brought to the body by Coca Cola, now there are fewer reasons to frighten acquaintances.

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