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If you decide to treat your guests with exquisite,but at the same time a simple dessert, then for this the tart with plums is best suited. It does not take you much time, but everyone who tried it will then remember for a long time and talk about your culinary talents to friends and relatives.

What is tart?

tart with plums

This is a typical dish French cuisine. Tart with plums is an open pie made from a special short-baked sand dough, as a rule, sugar and salt are not used to mix it.

In French cuisine tart can be not onlydessert, but also the main dish on the table, if instead of berries and fruits add meat, cheese, vegetables, fish or mushrooms. The process of baking this pie resembles the preparation of a classic pizza - in the form of an ordinary tortilla. Forms for baking or cakes may also be used.

If you cook meat, fish or vegetable tart,then the filling should be poured creamy-egg mass. Among the sweetest kinds of this pie are the most popular with the addition of apples, cherries, raspberries and, of course, plums.

Varieties of tartov

Tart does not have to be a big pie. In French cuisine, there are many variations of this dish.

If you decide to bake it in small molds,then you will get well familiar to you tartlets. They must necessarily be small, maximum 10 centimeters in diameter, the base should consist of a short-baked dough. The filling can be any - meat, fish, vegetable salads, caviar, cherry jam, berry assortment.

Another variety - tartinki - is the tart, which are prepared in the oven immediately after the firewood. This is already an old recipe, today it is practically not used.

Also these pies can be baked in the oven and barbecue. If you decide to apply the latter option, you will receive an unforgettable French tart with plums with haze.

What is needed for plum tart?

tart taten with plum

In order to cook this delicious pie, you will need a simple set of products. The following ingredients are needed for 8 servings of delicious tart.

Butter, about 100 grams. Before you start preparing a tart with plums, cool it. One egg yolk. Just a little sugar - about 20 grams, it's about four teaspoons without a roller coaster. Wheat flour - not less than 200 grams.

Remember that during cooking you will need two tablespoons of ice water, prepare it in advance. One tablespoon of lemon juice.

To prepare the main thing - stuffing, takeabout 150 grams of yogurt, it is better to take unsweetened, so that the tart tarten pie with plums turned out with its own individual taste. Two eggs, one egg white, 130 grams of sugar, two tablespoons of starch.

And, of course, the most important ingredient is plums. You need about half a kilogram, spend time in the market or in the store to choose ripe and fresh.

Cooking dough

When all the ingredients for preparing a tart with plums, at hand, you need to start with getting a short-dough.

Pre-cooled butter is cut intocubes, they should be small in size. If you have melted butter, then this problem can be solved by sending it to the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Flour sift and add to the cut oncubes of oil. We send there sugar and a pinch of salt to taste. The resulting mixture is carefully triturated with a regular tablespoon or use a food processor.

You will get a thick mixture, in which you need to make a small groove in which to lay out the egg yolk. Mix the dough again with a tablespoon.

In the end, you must form an oil and flour mixture. It is important that it is crumbly, only in this case you will achieve the correct and tasty sand dough.

We prepare the tarten tart with the plum.Ice water is mixed with lemon juice. In this liquid, gradually add the dough, without ceasing to mix everything thoroughly. Now you have a dough in the form of a nice elastic lump. It must be wrapped in a food film and sent to a refrigerator. There it should lie for at least half an hour.

Cooking stuffing

tart taten with plums recipe

To make a delicious filling, you will need a deep glass bowl. To pie Tart taten with plums turned out with a rich taste and aroma, make a filling filling.

For this, mix yoghurt, sugar, both eggs, oneprotein and starch. Beat the resulting mixture whisk. It can be replaced by a mixer, only in this case the speed should be quite small. Get a homogeneous mass.

Bake cake

Tart taten with plums recipe with photo

Now proceed directly to bakingour cake. The dough is carefully distributed over the entire surface of your chosen baking dish. The sides should not be very large, not more than three centimeters in height.

Pre-wash the plums, remove the bones from them and cut them in half. Spread them on the dough. At the top, add a fill, evenly spreading it throughout the pie.

In the oven, you should bake tarten taten with plums.The recipe advises her to pre-heat, and then send for an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees. Readiness can be determined by the state of the fill, it should be as thick as possible.

After the pie, you need to cool down right in the baking dish. Only then it can be shifted to a festive dish.

Company Recipe

pie tart taten with plums

As with most pies and cakes, notthere is only one correct recipe. Each hostess makes some changes, and eminent chefs offer their own dessert options, making them public.

Exactly in the same situation and tart Taten with plums. The recipe for the photo you see belongs to the distinguished foreign chef Jamie Oliver. What is its uniqueness?

The main difference that he offersto use in his pie, is a franchise. This is a very thick almond cream. It includes butter, eggs, sugar and, of course, almonds. Franzhipan is often used for all sorts of desserts, from cakes to tartlets. It gives them a special flavor, while the top is covered with crispy crust, but inside it remains soft.

Tart with almonds

French tart with plums

Recipe for plum tarta with almonds does not fundamentally differ from the classical one. Virtually the same ingredients will be needed.

The main difference is in the preparation processfillings. After all, in it our secret ingredient is almonds. Best of all, the culinary advise, crush it into small crumbs, using a combine for this. In parallel, whip the butter and sugar with a whisk or a mixer until a lush white mass is formed. In it, and should add almonds and also whipped egg.

The resulting cream is thoroughly mixed and sent to the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.

In order to give the plums piquant taste, sprinkle them with vanilla sugar and leave it for 10-15 minutes to soak with its taste.

We prepare the short pastry in exactly the same way and, after thatas it was in the refrigerator, roll it into the right circle on the whole baking dish. But then little differences from the classical recipe begin.

Oliver advises to make in the test small punctures with a fork or knife. The form for baking is pre-sent to the oven for 10 minutes. The temperature should be 180 degrees.

If you are afraid that your dough might get wet from the filling, then you can insure yourself. To do this, lubricate it with protein and put in the oven only a dough for one minute.

Then we spread the plums and pour out the stuffing. Bake for 40 minutes at the same temperature. To make the tart even tastier, it can be served with thick country sour cream or ice cream, preferably vanilla.

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