How to cook a duck in the oven: advice to housewives

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Duck can be cooked in absolutely different ways - liketo anyone. It, like other meat products, you can fry, cook, stew, bake. By the way, many duck meat is given preference to chicken meat. Externally, duck meat looks darker than chicken, and besides, it seems more satisfying. The most common dish is a duck with apples. For this, the fruits of sweet and sour varieties are taken. Also, the duck is served in combination with potatoes, stewed cabbage, mushrooms, buckwheat, cherries, cranberries and many other products.

There are many ways how to cook a duck in the oven with apples, since this particular dish is one of the most popular. For him, apples are best suited Antonovka.

So, we should dwell in more detail on how to cook a duck in the oven.

The first thing to start with is to choose a good oneduck. It should be, first of all, meat, clean and, of course, fresh. The second necessary condition is equal, taut, large apples. They need to take about seven hundred grams. In addition, two tablespoons of melted butter, pepper, salt, a bunch of dill and parsley will be needed.

To begin with, the duck needs to be salted and peppered. Cut the apples into slices, while removing the core. Then you need to stuff the duck with apples. After that, the hole of the duck should be sewn with a strong thread. Not everyone knows how to cook a duck in the oven, or rather, how to put it correctly. On the baking tray the duck should lie with its back, and, accordingly, with the belly up. At the bottom, pour a little water to evaporate. As the duck will redden, it must be periodically turned over to all sides and watered with its own secreted juice and fat. After about an hour the duck will be ready. Now you need to pull the thread, carefully take the apples and spread around the duck, cutting it into pieces. The last thing to do is decorate the duck with greens.

How to cook a duck in the oven and even in foil,many, probably, have already forgotten. The principle of cooking is very simple. At first, it is traditional to mix black ground pepper and salt and sprinkle this duck mixture on all sides. Apples are also placed inside the duck. Then it should be put on foil and tightly closed on all sides to avoid leakage of fat and juice. Oven is very hot. Duck hold at a high temperature for half an hour, then reduce the fire and bake for another two hours.

The willingness of a duck can be determined by puncturing it with a toothpick. The presence of a clear liquid indicates its complete readiness.

Many will be interested in how to fry a duck in an oven with oranges. This is a very original recipe and at the same time interesting.

This requires a duck weighing one and a half kilograms. And also you need to have two juicy oranges, one bunch of grapes without pits, about seventy grams of butter and salt.

The duck needs to be washed well and choppedpieces. Then add the pieces and fry them. With the orange cut the zest, and cut the peel with thin straws and beat with boiling water. Slices of orange cut into small pieces. After processing the orange, you can take care of the grapes: it is well washed, berries separated from the branches.

Duck, or rather slices, put in a bowl, pouron top of the juice left after frying. You can use the mattress. Grapes with orange are laid out around the duck and then everything is sprinkled with orange peel. It is necessary after all this process to cover the dishes with a lid and bake for about half an hour. To serve the duck on the table is desirable in the dishes in which it was prepared. So it will look much more appetizing.

Some people are concerned about how to fry a duck inoven to golden brown rust. You can use a seasoning for poultry during cooking. It is only necessary to grate the duck carcass from all sides, and, as baking, constantly pour the duck with fat. In this case, no additional spices and salt to use is not necessary. In the finished form the carcass will be with a brilliant crust of pleasant reddish-golden color.

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