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Cutlets have long become a familiar dish forfamily dinner. At the same time, it seems to many that cooking cutlets from minced meat is a very simple matter. However, almost every mistress has her own secrets and recipes. After all, it is necessary to make a tender and fragrant dish, not burnt and having an original taste.

First you need to pick the stuffing. Of course, the best option is to do it yourself. This will, firstly, be sure of what kind of meat it is made of, secondly, it will be more tender and juicier than purchased. Before starting cooking, it is worth several times to beat off the table, afterwards the dish with such minced meat will become tender.

One of the classic recipes will be the following. In kilograms of minced meat (the optimal option is taken in equal proportions of pork and beef) is added soaked in milk roll, twisted in a meat grinder, chopped onion, raw egg. Ingredients are well mixed, salted, peppered. The minced meat is slightly repulsed, salted, peppered. In order for the dish to become more juicy, you can add finely chopped greens. Minced meat is divided into several small pieces, which are given a round or oval shape, fried in a frying pan on both sides for about 10 minutes. A good side dish for cutlets is mashed potatoes and green peas. It must be said that such a preparation of minced meatballs saves considerable time and does not represent a particular difficulty.

If it is necessary to cook minced meatballschicken, then very delicious and delicate can turn out the Kiev cutlets. In order to make them, you need to take a chicken breast, cleansed of skin and bones. It is scrolled in a meat grinder, to it is added a little white bread, egg, salt, pepper. Minced meat is divided into small pieces, which are laid out in the form of flat cakes. In the middle of each one is put a piece of butter, the edges are spliced ​​well. Cutlets are dipped in beaten raw eggs, then crumbled in breadcrumbs and sent to a heated frying pan. If the breading is not enough, then the layers can be repeated.

Juicy cutlets are prepared with minced meat and cheese. For their preparation, minced bread, onions, raw eggs are added to the ground meat. If minced meat is prepared independently, then you can put only an egg in it. Everything is soloed and peppered. The cutlets are formed, it is better to make them a bit longer, and fried from two sides to a golden color. On prepared, oiled, baking tray laid out the resulting products. From above they are lubricated with mayonnaise, crushed mushrooms are put, a circle of tomato, once again everything is smeared with mayonnaise, sprinkled with grated cheese, put for 20 minutes in a medium-heated oven.

It must be said that cooking cutlets from minced meatdiffers in variety. So, they can not only grill, but also stew or be baked in the oven. A rich dish has the following dish. In the mince, you need to add 2 bullets scrolled through the meat grinder, bread, soaked in milk for a while, a spoonful of mayonnaise, salt, pepper. The resulting mass is mixed, the cutlets are fried, which are fried on high heat from both sides. Semi-finished products are added to deeper dishes, filled with broth and put on fire. After boiling, several laurel leaves and black pepper are placed here. Stew cutlets under a closed lid for about 20 minutes. Just before they are ready, a spoonful of tomato paste is added to them. On the garnish here can come pasta, which is watered with the resulting gravé.

Any preparation of minced meatballs implies a hearty and hearty supper. And if at the same time make them for some unusual recipe, then in the daily menu you can make a note of variety.

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