Apple Cider: recipe for classic and fast drinks

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Apple cider is popular in manycountries, for example, it is revered by the Germans and the French. Sometimes a drink is called wine, although in fact it is the same cider of apples. The recipe also allows you to experiment, for example, add a pear

Cider from apples: recipe
juice or completely replace it with apple. Prepare a drink is not too difficult, so it's worth a try.

How to make cider from apples?

You will need fruits, sugar, a can for fermentationand a cap with a water lock. Apples can be taken any kind. You can also try to combine different, for example, very tasty cider will come out of a part of sour apples and two parts of sweet. Before starting the preparation, the fruits are not washed, but only wiped with a dry cloth, and then left for a couple of days in the warmth. Preparation of cider from apples begins with the crushing of fruits directly with the skin and bones. For these purposes, a meat grinder or a blender will work well. Rinse thoroughly and wipe the fermentation container, fill it with crushed apple mass for two thirds of the volume. Add one hundred and fifty grams of sugar per kilogram of fruit and stir well. Tie up the neck of the can of gauze and put it in a warm place. Mix wort every day.

How to make cider from apples?
As soon as the smell of fermentation appears, you canto squeeze cider from apples. The recipe recommends immediately pour it into a clean and dry bottle with a water seal and remove it for a month and a half in a dark and cool place. After this period, the drink needs to be filtered through several layers of gauze. Pour into bottles and tightly seal them, leave the cider for three months. Only after this, it can be considered ready for use. Cider from apples, the recipe of which is described above, is sweet and carbonated, with a strength of six to seven degrees. He easily drinks and does not cause a hangover. You can also add pears into the drink in any proportion with apples, it will not get any worse.

Cooking fast cider from apples

The recipe of this drink will allow you to enjoy a pleasant taste without waiting

Preparation of cider from apples
its readiness for months. Take the ripe apples and keep them warm and dry until it becomes soft. Try not to let rot begin. Finely cut the prepared fruit without removing the core and peel. Fruit the fruit in apple puree, squeeze juice from it with a metal or ordinary sieve. Remove the received liquid in the refrigerator for three days and wait for the subsidence to settle. After this period, separate the juice from the sludge and pour over the glass bottles. To get even more delicious cider from apples, the recipe advises to put in each bottle a pair of raisins and a bud of cloves. Seal the bottles with hermetic stoppers, put them in a cool place for storage. You can drink a drink very soon, but it can be stored for up to a year. According to this recipe it is desirable to use apples, for other fruits there will be their own ways of preparing and combining spices. The drink will be a low-alcohol, not carbonated, but beautiful color and very pleasant taste.

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