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Fish nototenia, living in the South-WestAtlantic, at depths of fifty meters to five hundred, is fed mainly by crustacean plankton. The weight of its carcass is small (up to 52%), because of the head of a large size, which is up to 39% of the total mass of fish. Such a lowered yield of noothenia in medium and large specimens can be explained by the relatively large body mass of the viscera.

The percentage of fat in meat is largelydepends on the size of the fish itself; for example, in small specimens it is from 6.4 to 11.5, in the middle from 10.0 to 12.3, and in large ones from 8.2 to 16.7. A lot of fat accumulates in the bones, up to about 22%.

Fish is notothenia - a very nutritious product,which is absolutely in no way inferior to meat, because its composition includes fats, proteins and essential amino acids. Notothenia is a fatty fish variety, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, useful for the human body.

Iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium - all thesesubstances are also contained in Notothenia. And phosphorus, which is quite abundant in this fish, plays an important role in the development of the bone system (it is especially necessary for pregnant women, elderly people, children). Meat nootenii contains copper, iodine and manganese, which are necessary for the human body for normal metabolism. Fish is easier to digest and prepare faster than meat, because it has less connective tissue.

Fish notothenia is famous for the fact that its meat incooked kind of large-fiber, light, tasty, juicy. The broth from this fish is transparent, fat, has a pleasant smell and taste. Meat in fried form is tender, dense, juicy, tasty. Notothenia can be used to prepare balyk products, second courses, fillets, as well as products of hot and cold smoking. It is also used for the production of canned food, salted products. The head of this fish is great for cooking soup, and caviar is sent to the ambassador.

How to cook nootenia?

Notothenia, stewed with lemon and greens

Prepare four pieces of Notothenia fillets,fifty grams of spinach, fifty grams of sorrel, thirty grams of dill, thirty grams of parsley, one lemon, green onions, vegetable oil, tomatoes, fresh lettuce leaves.

Sorrel and spinach mix with greens. Part of the greenery, cover the bottom of the saucepan, put the notothenia on top, cover it with another piece of greenery and lemon ringlets.

Now prepare the sauce: fry the chopped spring onions in oil, add slices of chopped tomatoes, chopped salad and salt. The resulting mixture is cooked. Fill the meat with notothenia sauce and cook in the oven until completely ready. Serve the nototheny in a cold form.

Fish nototenija in Asturian

To prepare a dish with this recipeprepare half a kilogram of notothenia, half a glass of white wine, one onion, 80 grams of butter, one teaspoon of grated chocolate (black), mushrooms (a handful), one tablespoon of flour, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, salt.

On a greased frying pan, putchopped onion and saute it with flour. Pour 400 ml of water, mix thoroughly. Add chocolate, wine, cloves, pepper, cinnamon and salt and put on a small fire. Portion pieces of fish put in a container, pour sauce and simmer on a very low heat. Mushrooms clean, finely chop, put out and ten minutes before serving on the table, put in a bowl of fish. Serve with rice.

And now a bit of interesting information: there is such a fish coelacanth, whose life cycle is unknown until now, but it is known that this species has been inhabiting the Earth for several hundred million years. The coelacanth is a unique fish that has "seen" dinosaurs. It refers to fish-tselakantam, which died out over sixty five million years ago.

To date, coelacanth is found onlyin several places, at a depth of more than two hundred meters. Its main enemies are large predators, including large sharks. Since the population of this fish is very small, its catch is strictly prohibited.

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