Fruit tea: basic characteristics, benefits and harm, cooking recipes

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Fruit and berry teas are very unusualby its composition. If you evaluate them in general, you get drinks from tea and compote. In fact, we are talking about an unusual mixture of different flowers, leaves, fruits, berries and natural flavors.

fruit tea

What is fruit tea?

It is worth noting that a simple black or greentea with the addition of fruit will not be fruit, but only with certain additives. Fruit tea mainly differs from all others in that it practically lacks the leaves of a tea bush.

Drinking this substance is best in the coldinstead of ordinary soft drinks. If to disassemble this kind of tea in detail, it is possible to find out the fact that there is no caffeine in it and there is a crushed fruit-and-lique mixture. There are a lot of compositions of such a mixture. Among the ingredients are the Sudanese rose, lemon, cinnamon.

fruit berry teas

In Russia, there is a great demand forHibiscus - tea with an individual sour cherry and ruby ​​color. Since ancient times, eastern residents have enjoyed the use of this gift of nature. Also in some countries of the Middle East, fruit tea was used as a drink for rituals.

Benefits of natural fruit tea

As is known, artificial flavoring is notonly do not benefit the consumer, but can also cause irreparable harm to the body. But, if you use fruit and berry teas from natural ingredients, the human body will receive a number of useful microelements and properties. What are they?

  1. Fruit tea, the composition of which contains only natural elements, tones, while it does not contain caffeine.
  2. Increases immunity.
  3. Helps cleanse the body of harmful substances.
  4. Very well quenches thirst, while saturating the body with the necessary liquid.
  5. Contains a large number of useful substances.
  6. If you regularly eat green or black fruit tea, then the cholesterol level decreases.

black fruit tea

Fruit and berry formulations are very diverse: currants, strawberries, bananas, strawberries and dried apricots - this unusual mixture is able to make the drink so fragrant and tasty that no tea gourmet will refuse it. Any of the advantages mentioned above can be strengthened. To do this, you just need to supplement tea with some ingredients.

Drying is carried out as carefully as possible, forin order to preserve the entire benefit of the composition. Much attention should be paid to the fact that fruit and berry teas have almost no contraindications (exceptions may be individual allergies to some individual components).

Making Tea

To fully enjoy the aroma and taste of fruit tea, you must follow a number of simple rules.

  1. Before starting to prepare the tea, the brewer must be rinsed with boiling water. The dishes must be warmed up.
  2. Great attention must be given to qualitywater. For fruit and berry mixture, tap water is not suitable. Also, in no case can you re-boil water, because its properties are lost, and this, in turn, negates the taste qualities of the mixture.
  3. Fill the tea with a little chilled water,the temperature should not exceed 80 degrees. If you use water at a higher temperature, there is a risk that some components of the tea mixture will break down and evaporate, which will make it impossible to enjoy the flavor and taste 100%.
  4. The brewing time should be 5-10 minutes and not more.

fruit tea composition

Recipes of fruit tea

Create your own recipe for fruit tea is simple enough and everyone can do it. There are several fairly simple compositions that can be produced without difficulty:

  1. Grind the right amount of raspberries and apples.Green tea mixed with a spoonful of chamomile and put in a brew for five minutes. Next, you need to strain and add crushed fruit. Such a summer mix is ​​very useful to drink with honey.
  2. Fruit tea from currant.You need to cook 50-100 grams of currant. Grind the top three leaves of currant bush. In the berries you can optionally add sugar and then pour hot water. In the hot summer, the cooled tea will well quench your thirst, and a warm drink will warm you in the cold winter.

It is not necessary to use everydayComponents. You can always take for use more exotic ingredients, such as mango, lime, banana or pineapple. The main task is to properly prepare all the ingredients for tea. Such a drink will always bring great pleasure to you and your loved ones.

fruit tea in bags

The reverse side of fruit tea

In many sources, the sea of ​​information aboutthe positive side of fruit and berry teas. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that they can not be abused. For example, dentists unanimously assert that fruit mixtures are very harmful to oral health, especially for tooth enamel, since the fruit tea contains acids and enzymes that adversely affect the teeth.

Choosing fruit tea

Although you can prepare fruit tea yourself andit is not difficult, many fans of this drink do not want to bother with this task and prefer to buy a ready-made mixture for brewing, thinking that the recipe for cooking has a strict standard and universal technology. Perhaps in some cases this is the case, but, as practice shows, not everything is as good as shown in the picture. First of all, it is worth to be afraid of those producers who spend a lot on advertising, thus diverting attention from the main thing - the tea itself.

When buying tea, you should carefully studycomposition, as in many cases, flavors are much more than a natural product. It is also worth noting that fruit tea in bags is simply physically can not contain more natural substances than flavors. From all of the above, it follows that it is always better to buy tea weight in specialized stores, since there is less chance of stumbling upon a poor-quality product.

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