How to Make Cream of Eggs and Sugar: Useful Tips and Recipes

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Home-made pastries are one of the most complex andsimultaneously tasty sections of culinary art. The mistress, who knows how to cook confectionery, will never find herself in an awkward position when unexpected guests arrive. And if there is a family celebration coming, than, how not to branded cakes, cakes and cookies to surprise and delight those present?

Famous meringue: ingredients

how to make a cream of eggs and sugar
The theme of our today's conversation with you, dearladies (and not only, male cooks are very much welcome!) - how to make a cream from eggs and sugar. It is suitable for decorating cakes and biscuits, they are often filled with tubes of wafers and slices. But you can not smear the cakes with this cream, its consistency is too lush, delicate. Naturally, the confectioners have developed many ways of preparing delicacies. The first recipe tells you how to make a cream of eggs and sugar according to all the classic rules so that you get a traditional meringue. His homeland, as you might guess, is an exquisite France, and the word itself is translated as a "kiss." You will need: squirrels of fresh chicken eggs, preferably home-made - 6 pieces, one and a half glasses of powdered sugar (or slightly more - depends on the size of eggs), a teaspoon of vanilla sugar or incomplete vanillin. And 8-9 drops of pre-dissolved citric acid. If you have no powdered sugar, you can grind or grind ordinary coffee sugar in a coffee grinder.


cream for egg cake
The first tip is how to make a cream from eggs and sugarby the type of meringue, it sounds like this: the proteins must necessarily be cooled. Break eggs, yolks carefully pour into a separate pan, and proteins - in a bowl, in which they will be whipped. The container should be placed in a basin with ice, and then start vigorously with a whisk. You do not have much time for primary whipping - about 12-15 minutes. But the protein mass should become so thick and dense that it does not drain off the corolla, but it keeps well on it. The second tip: calling for help the experience of cooking semolina porridge, sprinkle sugar powder in small streams - about half of the total volume. One hand does not stop whipping with a whisk! Then add the remaining ingredients, i.e. the second half of the powder, vanilla, acid and all the good mix with a wooden spatula. In passing, you may have a question: how to make a cream from eggs and sugar is not white, but colored and with any taste? The answer is: in the last stage of cooking, include in the recipe, in addition to vanillin, food colors and flavoring. And, finally, the third tip: meringue can not be stored in the refrigerator for even half a day, since such a cream for an egg cake loses its splendor. It must immediately be placed on confectionery. So do not try to stock yourself for future use, but rather always cook fresh.

Chilled tenderness: composition

how to make a cream of eggs and sugar for a cake
The next secret of culinary art, whichwe will share - how to make a cream of eggs and sugar for a cake, but not simple, but custard. As a basis, let's take the recipe of Italian chefs. For the preparation of dessert you need 6-7 proteins, one and a half glasses of sugar, about three quarters of a glass of water for syrup, vanillin or vanilla sugar, 9-10 drops of citric acid. Why is it necessary: ​​that the cream does not turn out sugary and sweet and beat up better. Get the same solution at the rate of 1 to 2, diluting a teaspoon of teaspoonful in two tablespoons of boiled water.

How to cook

how to make egg cake cream
Consider in practice how to make a cream forcake from eggs, to make it custard. First you have to cook the syrup. Boil the agreed amount of water, put in the sugar and let it boil again. Stirring and waiting for the sand to dissolve, and the excess liquid evaporates, do not forget to remove the foam and scum. Determine the degree of readiness of the syrup, scooping a small amount of the spoon and pouring into a cold plate. If it freezes and stretches a plump "string" - all, remove the pan from the fire. Otherwise, keep a little more on the stove. To weld the syrup, you can immediately pour and acid. On a cold ice bath, beat the prepared proteins. When the foam has become lush and high, start with a thin stream of hot syrup pour. Do not stop beating, otherwise everything will settle, and the cream will fail. When both components are connected and the treat is cooled, mix it again with a spatula and pour the dyes and desired flavor or flavor additives.

His majesty the marshmallow: components

how to make a cream of eggs and sugar
Surely among those gourmets who are nowour eyes look at our article, there are lovers and faithful admirers of such a wonderful oriental search, as a marshmallow. And not in vain - because right now they have to learn how to properly make a cream of eggs and sugar in such a way that turned out to be an adored dessert. A serving of 6 proteins consumes 4-5 tablespoons of jam, jam or berries, ground with sugar (the mashed potatoes should be thick), 6 full spoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of gelatin, a quarter of a glass of water and the food color desired by you.


Let's start the preparation of the cream with the preparation of gelatin. Pre-soak it in water (the instruction is usually on packages), and then dissolve, placing it on a water bath. In a saucepan, put the jam or fruit mass, add the sugar and cook over a small fire for 15 minutes, stirring, so as not to stick. Whiten proteins whilst already known to you. When their "peaks" and "icicles" become strong, pour in a little fruit component, followed by gelatin and dye. Beat to the last! At the very end of the cooking, knead the marshmallow cream until uniform and uniform and immediately use for the baked cake.

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