Recipe lecho without vinegar and oil for the winter. Cooking lecho from tomatoes

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What kind of salad can you pamper yourself in the winter? Of course, it's lecho! Thanks to its piquant taste, this dish will become your favorite winter salad. And most importantly - it absorbed all the necessary vitamins, which are so needed in the winter season. Now, we will paint ways of preparing lecho without vinegar and oil. Without these two ingredients, the taste is no less stunning, and most importantly, a salad can be eaten by everyone.

What is lecho and how is salad so useful?

Lecho without vinegar and oil

This is a salad that came to us from Hungary. In its composition, such healthy vegetables as peppers and tomatoes, so the dish has a number of useful properties. Firstly, thanks to a large number of vitamins, as well as fiber, which is found in foods, this salad is recommended for people suffering from constipation. Secondly, it is useful to include it in your diet to people suffering from diabetes, anemia or having disorders of the nervous system. Or to those who are in a state of depression.

Recipes of lettuce lecho mass. Today we will consider two ways of preparing this dish. And both options are suitable for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as children. What are the advantages of the biscuit lecho without vinegar and butter, and also how to prepare a salad correctly, as described below.

Ingredients and their quantity for the first variant of the billet

For salad lecho of tomato for the winter we will need:

1. Tomatoes - 3 kg. For this recipe fit fleshy tomatoes, so you should buy so-called "cream". They are not too juicy, but there is plenty of pulp.

2. Sweet pepper - 1 kg. Choose only fresh and juicy vegetable.

3. Sugar - 3 tablespoons.

4. Salt kitchen - 1 tablespoon.

5. Garlic - 5 denticles.

6. Basil dried - 2 tablespoons.

7. Parsley - 1 bunch.

8. Pepper black ground - to taste.

9. Bay leaf - 2 pcs.

10. Water - 5 liters.

Lecho without oil

Step-by-step recipe for cooking lecho without vinegar and oil for the winter by the first method

1. Wash tomatoes under running cold water. Cut them into pieces, only not too small.

2. Sweet pepper and rinse, cut in half and take out the core. Then chop the small pieces.

3. Boil the water and determine into it sliced ​​vegetables. When the contents of the pan zabulkaet, reduce heat to a minimum and cook tomatoes, as well as pepper for about 15 minutes. Important! In a pan, throw half of the total amount of tomatoes. Add the rest of it later.

4. When the allotted time passes, determine the remaining half of the tomatoes in the container. When the contents boil, reduce the gas again and cook for as long as the first time.

5. Clean the garlic head, clean the teeth and grate them on a grater. The resulting gruel is added to the pan.

6. Determine the capacity of basil, pepper and bay leaf. And also add sugar and salt.

7. Rinse the parsley under the water, remove the lower part of the greenery, and cut the leaves finely and put them into the pan.

8. Mix all the ingredients well, cover the saucepan with a lid and cook the contents for another 5 minutes.

9. Finished lecho without vinegar and oil, identify in sterilized jars and roll them with metal covers.

10. Store this workpiece preferably in the cellar. If it is not, then the usual pantry will do.

This lecho recipe without vinegar and oil has special advantages, which are described below.

Pros of this type of workpiece

lecho of tomato for the winter

1.In this recipe, there is no ingredient such as vinegar. And it's wonderful, because he often brings only harm. Because it can increase acidity in the body. People suffering from peptic ulcer disease, pancreatitis or kidney disease, prescription blank without vinegar will be a real godsend.

2. The resulting dish is low-fat, as there is no oil in it.

3. This workpiece can also be given to small children, since only salutary ingredients are collected in the salad.

4. The taste turns out to be excellent, even better than if you were preparing lecho from a tomato for the winter with butter and vinegar.

Now consider the second way to prepare a salad.

Another variant of the workpiece is lecho without oil. Necessary ingredients and their quantity

This recipe is similar to the previous one, however there are differences in cutting and processing of products. So, the preparation of lecho in this case will not do without such ingredients:

1. Red Bulgarian pepper - 2 kg. It is this color of the vegetable that must be chosen to better preserve it.

2. Large carrots - 2 pcs.

3. Tomatoes - 3 kg.

4. Sugar - 3 tablespoons.

5. Carnation - 10 pieces.

6. Pepper fragrant - 10 pcs.

7. Salt - to taste.

The output for such a number of components is 4 liters. Now let's go directly to the process of preparing the billets lecho without vinegar and oil.

Step-by-step process of preparation of salad according to the second method

Lecho without vinegar and oil for the winter

1. Pure the pepper from seeds, rinse it and cut into strips.

2. Carrots rinse, cut off the top layer with a knife and grate the vegetable on a coarse grater. Or, too, cut the straws.

3.Boil water, pour whole tomatoes there for 5 seconds. This should be done in order to later easily remove the skin from tomatoes. Remove the vegetables and remove the peel. Then cut the tomatoes finely, send them to a pan and put it on the fire.

4. When the tomatoes are boiling, pass them through a sieve to remove the seeds and obtain a homogeneous mass.

5. Determine the already prepared tomato juice in a saucepan, add the necessary spices, as well as salt and sugar.

6.When the contents in the saucepan begin to boil, reduce heat and cook for another 10 minutes. Be sure to mix the ingredients. It's important to keep an eye on time so you do not digest peppers. Otherwise, it will become soft, and lecho will lose its taste, and with it useful qualities.

7. Then place the finished lecho without oil in the pre-prepared jars, roll up the dishes.

recipe lecho without vinegar and oil

Now we will pay attention to the process of sterilization of dishes. Because this will determine the shelf life of our blanks.

How to properly sterilize the cans?

Consider the fastest and best way to decontaminate the cans for conservation - using an oven. So, step by step process of correct sterilization of capacities:

1. Inspect each jar carefully before sending it to the oven. On the dishes, in no case should there be pinches and cracks. If any, discard the container immediately.

2. Wash the cans inside and outside with soda. It is better not to use various chemical agents, since they will have to be washed out for a long time from the jars.

3. Determine the dishes in the oven.Put the container down with a neck. The advantage of this method of sterilization is that at one time you can process a large number of dishes, because the size of the oven can do this.

cooking lecho

4. Turn the cabinet on 150 degrees and start the sterilization process. The time of disinfection will depend on the size of the dishes:

- for 3-liter containers - 25 minutes;

- for jars up to two liters, the time is shortened to 15 minutes.

5.After the time has elapsed, turn off the oven, open it, use a pothook or special kitchen mittens to remove the container. Another advantage of this method of sterilization is the elimination of the risk of burns. After all, jars can be reached even when they cool.

6. In occasion of metal covers: it is better to sterilize them in boiling water for about 5 minutes.

Now you know how to sterilize the cans for their further use in the preparation of lecho without vinegar and oil.

After reading the article, you learned about two optimalways of billeting lecho. Thanks to these recipes, everyone can eat salad without exception: both sick and even babies. And all because in these two salads there is no such ingredient as vinegar. But the taste is still full and piquant.

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