A wonderful side dish is boiled frozen vegetables in a multivariate

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Cooking is one of the oldest sciences. To cook a man became his own food many, many years ago. Originally it was fried meat on an open fire.

frozen vegetables in a multivariate

Then the hostess began to experiment with food,add various herbs, roots, berries, vegetables and the like. So there were new dishes, new recipes. Today cooking is one of the favorite activities of all people: men or women, young or old. Each housewife will always have her own signature recipe for her favorite home dish.

Doctors, nutritionists recommend one thing: dishes should not only be tasty, but also useful. Modern technologies and methods make it possible to prepare any products in such a way that all useful substances remain in the heat treatment and more vitamins remain. For example, if you take and cook frozen vegetables in a multivariate, you will get a great garnish. Frozen vegetables do not lose their qualities, and when properly prepared, they become only tastier.


Preparation in the multivarquet allows the housewives not toonly quickly get a delicious dish, but also enjoy this process. When cooking, do not stand for a long time at the stove, make sure not to burn, not run away, not digested. You just need to clean, wash, put vegetables, set the right time, choose the cooking program - and you can do your favorite things. Multivarka allows you not only to cook vegetables for a couple, you can also put them out, fry or cook.

A cooked frozen vegetables in a multivarkcan be used as a side dish for any meat dish. Modern multivarkas allow at one time to cook several dishes at once. Bottom, let's say, boil frozen vegetables, and on top will prepare fish or steam meatballs. How much free time remains! It can be dedicated to children or reading literature, or to engage in themselves.

That there were no problems with cooking,to choose the right multivarker. Basically, all of them are provided so that you can fry, steal, stew, bake. Models multivorok differ from each other only by the number of programs. The more expensive the model, the more ways of cooking. There are multivarkers without the functions of roasting. Here it is necessary to choose: if the multivarker is only needed for dietary dishes, then the frying function will not be needed.

model of multivariate

Frozen vegetables in a multivar can becook in various ways: fry, steamed or boiled. With each method a special taste is obtained. All preparation will consist in several receptions. First, vegetables should be put in a saucepan, if it is cooking, or on a grate, if cooking on steam. Then a little salt, if you want to add spices, vegetable fats, close the multivark, set the desired program, turn on the timer. Then it will be left to lay the vegetables on the dish, decorate with greens, boiled egg and serve on the table. Lunch is ready.

For the first time, frozen vegetables were cooked in a multivarquet, and then you can safely go to desserts. Everything turns out deliciously, quickly and does not require great culinary skills.

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