Wine vinegar: application in cooking and folk medicine

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What is wine vinegar for? Use this product, recipes with its use you will find in this article.

Interesting facts about vinegar

Few thought about how ancientthe product may be vinegar. But he is about 7000 thousand years old! Mention of it can be found in the Bible, in the Old Testament, and in the Sunnah, and in ancient Chinese subjects. And in 1864, a scientist Louis Pasteur proved that vinegar from alcohol appears due to the vital activity of acetic acid bacteria.

And in ancient times, and now the spectrumThe use of the bite is quite wide: it is seasoning (in Germany, the average bite consumption in this plan exceeds 3.5 liters per person per year!), and canning, and the preparation of mayonnaise and other sauces, and the production of household chemicals and pharmaceuticals, for medicinal purposes, and a preparation for acidification of soils.

There are also many kinds of vinegar: alcohol, apple, malt, rice, fruit, whey, wine, balsamic and others. Interesting is the fact that in different countries "own" vinegar. In the eastern - this is a date, in the UK and EU - malt, in Asia - rice, in Southern Europe - wine. Everything goes again from antiquity - each people made vinegar from what was near at hand, so its variety corresponds to the most widespread fruits of agriculture in this or that area. From all this diversity, let's dwell on the most interesting and "multifunctional" vinegar - on wine.

wine vinegar application

What kind is he?

It is not hard to guess that the basis of the firstwine vinegar was wine, so it is most common in areas known for winemaking. Therefore, in the line "producer" you are more likely to see Italy, Spain or Germany. Wine vinegar also has its own varieties, the division into which depends on whether it was made from wine - white or red. These types are perfect for sauces, salads and marinades. In addition to these, there are less well-known: champagne, produced from champagne, perfectly suited to dishes from chicken, fish and salads; sherry, used for soups and meat dishes; and the most expensive is balsamic, which is obtained only from the balsamic of the province of Emilia-Romagna and is used for dressing salads and ready meals.

Wine Vinegar Application Recipes

Useful properties of wine vinegar

Most of its valuable properties are vinegarinherited from grapes. And the latter is famous for a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, on lung function, "cleaning" of the arteries, inhibiting the aging process and even slowing down the formation of cancer cells.

Self-useful properties of wine vinegar- this is, first of all, a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, and with it on the work of the gallbladder and kidneys. Potassium, which is in its composition, is necessary for the nervous system, in addition, this microelement helps the body to fight with pathogenic bacteria, and the element of resvertol exerts anti-inflammatory and antitumor effect on the body. But be careful: the wine bite is contraindicated in gastritis, stomach ulcer, increased acidity of gastric juice and allergy to grapes.

vinegar wine balsamic use

Vinegar. Application

The widest application, of course, is wineVinegar finds in cooking. Most of all it is used in combination with meat. Many nutritionists are advised to replace fatty and cholesterol-saturated sauces in marinades with wine vinegar, which, I must say, has almost no calories and carbohydrates in its composition. If you find a recipe for a dish with a rare rice vinegar, then you can replace it without wine with wine. You can replace them with cream or mayonnaise. However, pay attention - this vinegar should not be combined with potatoes, fried or stewed, as well as with fermented milk products.

Also found a wine vinegar application in medicine. It is used for irritation of the skin, bruises and cuts as a local external remedy. This product also helps with burns. And white wine vinegar is used for cosmetic purposes - it whitens the skin of the face well.

Also, you can safely use it as a disinfectant for utensils and other household items.

Wine Vinegar Application in Cooking

Application of balsamic vinegar

Many buyers choose this vinegar because of itstherapeutic and prophylactic properties - its reception after a meal is very beneficial for digestive processes. However, the main area of ​​its application is cooking. Balsamic vinegar can be eaten raw without fear. His most successful combination is in the synthesis with strawberries or Parmesan. It also successfully complements the taste of olive oil. In general, balsamic will not spoil the taste of any dish - meat or salad, marinade. He has no contraindications, except individual intolerance of its components.

I also found vinegar wine balsamic use in cosmetology. It is a good antiseptic, cleanses the skin and improves complexion. In addition, it is often part of the anti-hair loss remedy.

wine vinegar application in folk medicine

Application of wine vinegar in cooking

Where is the most used wine vinegar?Application in cooking takes place since ancient times. The most successful addition of wine vinegar - as a condiment. In small volumes it is good in soups, meat and fish dishes. According to avid culinary experts, this product is especially successful in combination with stewed beets. Excellent it will be used in hot dishes and is guaranteed not to spoil their taste, in contrast, for example, from apple.

In sauces, wine vinegar will also have a place - both in cold and hot, and in dressings for salads, and in gravies, especially where the use of broth is needed.

This bite is simply irreplaceable in marinades - with its help it is possible not being afraid to marinate exclusively all products, including. fish and meat.

Few people know that wine vinegar can be addedto enhance the taste of drinks: add it to any cocktail, for example, in "Bloody Mary", and you will be surprised at what new tones his tastes will play. You can also insist vinegar on berries, herbs and spices to get a seasoning with a wide bouquet of flavors.

Wine vinegar: application, recipes

Let's present to your attention two simple recipes, where the usual products will surprise you with their new flavoring sound.

Salad from raw beets. Need 2 beets, 4 tablespoons choppednuts, 2 cloves of garlic, 1.5 tablespoons of wine vinegar, 3.5 tablespoons of olive oil, salt, pepper, a few twigs of greenery. Wash, clean, chop the beetroot (root, preferably, should be young and thin-bodied) on a large grater. Then add sliced ​​greens and nuts, chopped garlic, vinegar, butter and spices. All mix well and serve to the table.

Gem from hot pepper. 2 or 3 tomatoes, 8-10 hot peppers, greenan Apple. Lemon juice (approximately from one lemon), red onion, 0.5 cups of red wine vinegar, 0.5 cups of sugar. Cut, peel the peppers. Put them to grill on the grill. Peel the tomatoes and apple, chop the onion, mix all these products with lemon juice. With fried peppers, carefully peel and cut them thoroughly. Mix all the products in a blender and whisk until smooth. Then put onion, vinegar and sugar, stir again - and on fire. After the mass boils, reduce the heat and cook for another forty minutes - jam for this period will have time to thicken and not lose its scents. Then it will remain to put it in a sterilized jar and put it in a refrigerator.

wine vinegar application in medicine

Use of wine vinegar in folk medicine

Where else can you use wine vinegar?Application in folk medicine will be especially relevant in the treatment of dandruff, fungal diseases of the skin. Positive effect it has on the cervix in the first stage of oncology. Also with his help with direct ingestion, the menstrual cycle is quickly restored to normal. He will help with the cleansing of the body with its increased slagging.

If you have frequent bleeding from the nose, thengently draw a teaspoon of vinegar, diluted with 200 ml of water, with a nose, hold for 2-4 minutes and repeat this procedure twice a day for a whole week. But, of course, with open wounds, this procedure should not be carried out.

red wine vinegar application

Red wine vinegar

Red vinegar is even smoother and more saturated thanwhite, therefore more valuable than the latter, and, accordingly, higher in value. When preparing dishes, do not forget that it is also sweeter. Red wine vinegar has found its application in salads, sauces and marinades. Excellent with it combines mustard and marjoram.

Anti-inflammatory substances in this compositionVinegar slows down aging, he is also an excellent fighter against cholesterol plaques. It is proved that red wine vinegar has a beneficial effect on the hair and scalp. In Japan, for example, add a drop of this product to the shampoo and shower for shine and softness of the skin.

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