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In our article, we want to consider differentThe canapé options that have gained incredible popularity. They are tasty, comfortable in use and at the same time able to decorate any festive table. They took their liking to the housewives, because they are quick to prepare, and the result is amazing.

What is canapé?

Before talking about which optionscanapes can be prepared for the holiday, let's see what is meant by this concept. Canape is a generalized name for all kinds of miniature snacks. If we talk about this variant of the event, like a buffet table, where all the guests do not sit at the tables, but use food standing, then in this case, the canapé is the main dish. There are all kinds of such snacks, from the simplest, consisting of several components, to whole masterpieces, which you can do yourself at home.

options for canapés

The peculiarity of the dish is that it can havea variety of design options. Canapé is a universal snack, which can be both a main course and a dessert at any celebration. Prepare such a miracle can be almost from any of the components. The main thing is to use products that are combined with each other. In addition, it is worthwhile to know the basic principles that need to be adhered to for creating such small masterpieces.

The main rule - canapes must certainly fit into the mouth, the dish should be eaten immediately and whole, without biting into a small piece.

Types of canapés

There are a variety of options for canapés. Recipes with photos we will give in the article. In general, all of their diversity can be divided into the following types:

  1. Canapé on skewers (plastic, wooden, metal and even toothpicks can be used as the latter). Skewers serve for the convenience of fastening the ingredients together.
  2. Canape sandwiches. In them, the ingredients are laid out in layers. For preparation, a solid base is absolutely necessary. This can be bread, vegetables, fruit or pastries. Sometimes these snacks are called tartinki.
  3. Tartlets are small cups or basketsfrom the dough, in which they put different fillings. The basis for the dish can be prepared independently, and can be purchased in any supermarket. Tartlets can be filled with a ready-made snack, and can be baked together with the contents. Recipes for such dishes are an incredible amount. As an application, for example, at a cocktail party, tartlets can be filled with salads.
  4. Canapé on spoons. Such options do not imply the binding of ingredients. Most often spoons are served with all kinds of snacks with liquid sauces and caviar.
  5. Rolls, envelopes, rolls. Such variants of canapés are generally simple in the sense that in the process of preparing them, some products are wrapped up in others. For the strength of the construction, ready-made canapés are pierced with skewers. But rolls can also be bandaged with parsley or dill. In the category of canapes are traditional rolls, sushi, and for their supply of disposable disposable chopsticks resembling forceps.
  6. Soup canape (soup canapé). This is a variety of mousses, cream soups, sorbets and any other liquid dishes that are served in small kremankah or in wine glasses. This type of canapé is not always associated with more familiar options. But the principle of their submission is the same. Soup canape - snack for one sip. They are served with small spoons or straws.

Canape with cheese and grapes

Strangely enough, but the most popular among ourHostesses are varieties of canapé with cheese. Recipes for such snacks can not be counted. The main condition is the presence of cheese as the main component.

The most delicious is the combination of cheese withgrapes. To make such a snack, use separate grapes and chopped pieces of cheese. They are fastened with a skewer. That's the whole job. Our dish is ready, it looks amazing, and the taste is excellent. In addition to grapes, the cheese perfectly combines a variety of vegetables and fruits.

varieties of canape with cheese

Canape with mozzarella and cheese

Considering options for canapés on skewers, you canoffer an easy-to-prepare recipe using cheese. Fet should be cut into pieces and soaked for several hours in olive oil with pepper and dried basil. Next, take the bread, cut it into cubes and lightly fry it, sprinkling with marinade. Now you can start to collect canapés in the following order: a piece of Bulgarian pepper, bread, cucumber, cheese, cherry.

Fried cheese on skewers

For those people who like different optionscanape with cheese, can come to taste the following recipe. For its preparation, we need 250 grams of suluguni, which should be cut into cubes. Obtain the pieces in flour. In a separate bowl, beat a couple of tablespoons of milk with two eggs. Cubes are dipped in this mixture, and then we also roll them in corn flour. Suluguni should be fried in a deep saucepan, in a large quantity of oil. Cheese should get a nice brown crust. Take out the finished pieces should be noisy and must be dried on a paper towel. Next, the cheese is sewn onto skewers in the form of a shish kebab.

Cheese Rolls

Sometimes there are truly unusual optionscanapé, recipes of which amaze with a combination of incompatible products. But an excellent result speaks for itself. One of these options we want to bring to your attention. For the preparation of canapé rolls we cut dried apricots (necessarily soft). Next, add 200 grams of curd cheese. The resulting filling will be wrapped in thin slices of cheese of rectangular shape (should use cheddar cheese). A ready-made roll on the side can be made with a skewer. You can serve this snack with orange sauce, which is easy to prepare. It is necessary to boil 300 milliliters of orange juice with 100 grams of sugar, until obtaining a sticky mass.

Cheese baskets

Thinking of canapé options for a buffet table orfestive table, you can prepare yourself cheese baskets, which are then filled with salads or stuffing. There are several cooking options. If you use an oven, you can simultaneously make up to eight baskets.

varieties of canapé recipes

To prepare six servings, you need to take200 grams of Parmesan cheese. The oven should be preheated to two hundred degrees. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper. Cheese rub on the smallest grater and put on paper in the form of circles. Then bake no more than five minutes. This time will be enough for the cheese to melt. Carefully remove each circle from the paper until the cheese has cooled down, and form baskets from it. You can do it using an inverted glass. Gently put cheese on his bottom and give it a cup-shaped shape. The basket is very fragile, so it should be kept very carefully. Salad is best applied directly before serving, and it is better to use such a filling that does not give much juice.

For the preparation of tartlets cheese is not necessaryrub it, you can thin it. Then the melted slice wraps the bottom of the glass. It turns out a very elegant form, in which you can put chicken pate or other stuffing. Such varieties of canapé are distinguished by their taste and originality, and therefore will certainly be appreciated by the guests.

Canape with herring

For a festive and casual table you cancome up with your own canapé options. Recipes can be modified by using more expensive products and the simplest ingredients. As a simple, but excellent option, you can offer canapé with herring. This appetizer is suitable for men's companies and strong drinks. For cooking, you need a piece of herring, Borodino bread, mayonnaise, coriander, dill, apple slices, black pepper. All these ingredients perfectly match each other on a small sandwich.


  1. Half of an apple.
  2. Bread of Borodino.
  3. A tablespoon of vodka.
  4. Sugar.
  5. One herring.
  6. A quarter of a lemon.
  7. Mayonnaise.
  8. Dill.
  9. Freshly ground pepper (black).
  10. Seeds of coriander.

The fillet of herring is cut into pieces. In the dishes we mix sugar, vodka, black pepper. We pour the herring mixture, cover with a food film and put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

varieties of canapés on skewers

Dill should be washed, dried and finely chopped.Coriander fry in a dry frying pan for a few minutes, and then rub it in a mortar. Dill and coriander are mixed with mayonnaise. Next, we cut the Borodino bread into pieces, clean it from the crust and divide each part into four pieces. Cut the apples in thin slices and sprinkle with lemon juice so it does not darken. Now you can start assembling the canapé. Slices of bread are greased with a mixture of mayonnaise and spices, we put the herring on top, we decorate everything with a slice of apple. And pour on top with ground pepper.

Canape with caviar

All varieties of canapés (photos are given in the article)in their own way are good. But the most festive are those that are made with caviar. As a rule, for special occasions, sandwiches with caviar are prepared, but with such a wonderful product, you can come up with more interesting options.

As a boat for caviar you can use halves of boiled chicken and quail eggs. And decorate the canapé with greens from above.

In addition, you can cut bread out of breadfigured basis, and then lightly fry them. On top of the workpiece decorate with caviar, and if desired, between bread and caviar, you can apply butter using a pastry syringe.

canapé cooking options

Caviar can still be laid out on pieces of cucumbers, inready tartlets. Incredibly popular pancakes with caviar. We offer a more economical version of this dish. You can make a small roll from a strip of pancake, inside it put a piece of butter, and outside to bandage with a feather of a green onion or to make a skewer. Roll the roll vertically, like a roll, and decorate the caviar on top. It turns out a great canapé. The options for preparing appetizers with caviar are not so numerous, combining such a product with a multitude of components is not worth it, because it itself is worthy of special attention.

Simple canapés on skewers

Options for cooking canapes on skewersthere are many. You can organize on a festive table from the simplest options to whole culinary masterpieces. Among the simplest recipes is:

  1. On the skewers put on a ham, cheese and olives.
  2. Olives can be combined with several varieties of cheese (hard varieties and cheese).
  3. Very good for canapés comes finely chopped smoked sausage. The combination of ingredients can be as follows: sausage, cheese, salted cucumber (you can take and fresh).
  4. On the festive table you can put a dish withdifferent varieties of canapés made from different ingredients. So, for example, at the heart of each option can be cheese, and then it can be combined with pieces of cherry tomatoes, cherries, figs, candied fruits. Salty hard cheese goes well with sweets.

Fruit canapes

Do not forget about what you can cookfruit options canapé on skewers. With the photos given in the article, readers will be very easy to understand the recipes for preparing original snacks. Sweet canapes can become a dessert on a festive table or the best treat for kids on a children's holiday. Fruits are an excellent addition to wines, ice cream, cake and sweets.

canapé design options

Incredibly bright and colorful dish is produced whenuse of multi-colored components. As a sweet option, you can serve a table of canapes from grapes, tangerines, canned pineapples and strawberries. All the ingredients combine well, giving an interesting fruit flavor.

Sweet desserts

To prepare the next option, you will need:

  1. Bananas.
  2. Strawberry.
  3. White grapes.
  4. Aerial marshmallows.
  5. Toothpicks.

The skewers alternately string grapes, banana, strawberries, marshmallows.

canapé options for a buffet table

In the summer period, canapé-desserts from seasonal products are very appropriate: melons, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, peaches.

Instead of an afterword

In our article, we tried to show how muchIndispensable as a snack on the festive tables can be canapes. The variety of forms and species makes them a truly universal dish that can become not only an ornament, but also the main kind of food (on receptions). There are many different recipes for cooking, from the simplest to the most expensive and exquisite. Each hostess can find the right option for herself. Canapé is a real field for fantasy. You can always come up with your original version to surprise the guests.

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