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In Italy, it is customary to prepare simple light desserts. The pannacotta, tiramisu, and also cheese in the form of broken pieces or dishes from it (ricotta, philadelphia and others), berries and fruit are especially popular. Italian desserts are often served in the form of flour and confectionery products, such as pies, a variety of cookies, delicious cakes and unique tartlets. Italians and ice cream are fond of, there are many varieties of it. It can be as a fruit sherbet, and garlic or cheese delicacy.

Let's look at several ways in which Italian desserts are prepared.


Ingredients: four eggs, one hundred grams of sugar, five hundred grams of mascarpone, two hundred and fifty grams (34 pcs.) of Savoyardi biscuits or biscuit sticks, three hundred and fifty grams of instant or cooked coffee, cocoa.

Yolks must be separated from proteins and grindedwith sugar. To the resulting mass, add mascarpone and gently mix. Separately whisk the proteins, which are then added to the yolks and mix well.

Cookies or biscuit sticks dip into the coldcoffee (for three hundred grams, three spoons of coffee) and instantly pulled out so they do not get soaked. They put them on a baking sheet, they are covered with a layer of cream paste on top, then again they put a layer of cookies soaked in coffee, everything is sprinkled with cocoa.

This dessert turns out to be tender enough and airy, therefore it is necessary to cut it into small pieces carefully.

2. Italian sweets from Parmesan

Ingredients: one hundred grams of parmesan or grana padano and black chocolate.

Parmesan is broken into small pieces, chocolate is heated on a steam bath. Slices of cheese are dipped in chocolate and stacked on parchment paper to solidify.

This dessert is perfectly combined with champagne, but you can use it yourself.

3. Italian pastry from Trentino

Ingredients: one hundred and thirty grams of dry figs and prunes, one hundred grams of dried pears, sixty grams of candied fruit and raisins, one hundred grams of almonds, fifty grams of rye flour, one hundred grams of wheat flour, seventy grams of sugar, half a spoonful of ground cinnamon, on a pinch of anise and ground cloves, butter.

Figs, pears and prunes are soaked in water onnight, then squeeze and cut into cubes. Raisins soaked in water for twenty minutes, add together with candied fruits, almonds, spices, sugar and salt to dried fruits, mix thoroughly and leave for half an hour. After this time, add the flour and mix the dough.

On a baking sheet put parchment paper,greased with butter, spread the dough on it, decorate it with candied fruit, put it in the oven and bake for about an hour. After this, the dessert is cooled and cut into small pieces.

4. Italian desserts - jasmine ice cream

Ingredients: fifty flowers of jasmine, one hundred and fifty grams of sugar, one cinnamon stick or scorzonera root, one stack of rum, four squirrels.

Flowers are put in bowls, pour 500 ml of water and leave for three hours. The resulting infusion is filtered, poured into a saucepan, added cinnamon, sugar and boiled, then it is cooled and filtered again.

Proteins are beaten, mixed with infusion and rum. The resulting mass is spread into a mold and placed in the freezer. When the ice cream is somewhat frozen, it is taken out, thoroughly beaten and again put in the cold. This procedure is repeated several times. Dessert is served in tall glasses or glass crockery.

Thus, Italian desserts are easy, simple, and most importantly - excellent taste qualities, so they are suitable for lovers of sweet any age category.

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