Lenten cookies on brine. Step-by-step recipe

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During the period of fasting, there always comes a time whenI want something unusual and "forbidden." Especially it concerns sweets or lavish baking. In these moments, the housewives are looking for alternatives and successful simple recipes that would make it possible to cook something sweet and tasty from available and allowed products (not of animal origin).

The real wand is the recipecookies on the brine. It is important that the pickle can be taken any: from cucumbers, sauerkraut, tomatoes or salted assortment. To taste, the biscuit will resemble a shortbread, but it will be much more fragrant, tastier and lighter.

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Necessary ingredients for preparation of cookies on brine

  • 760 g of wheat flour (about 5-6 glasses).
  • 180 ml of vegetable oil.
  • 260 ml brine (almost full glass).
  • 180 g of granulated sugar.
  • A big pinch of salt.
  • Vanilla sugar.
  • Half a teaspoon of soda.

Cooking process

Experienced housewives advise to immediately weigh the food before putting the cookies on the brine. Also prepare in advance convenient mixing utensils.

At the first stage of preparation, liquidproducts: vegetable oil and brine. Then added sugar and vanillin. Sugar will not dissolve quickly in a cold base, so leave the mixture for a while. Do not save time in this moment. It is better to let the sugar dissolve than to eat cookies and "enjoy" the creaking of crystals on the teeth. If there is no waiting time, then simply replace the sugar with powder.

biscuits on brine

We slowly interfere with the sweet oil-brine mixture. During the mixing, you need to gradually introduce flour. Do not forget to sift it, so that the cookies on the brine from the cucumbers turned out to be more light, airy. Together with the flour, add soda. According to its consistency and appearance, the dough should be very similar to sand.

Cover the dough with a plate or wrap it inpackage and give a rest for half an hour. If the sand is necessarily removed in the cold, in order to give the cream butter to freeze, then the dough on the brine in such a long rest does not need. It will be enough 20-25 minutes for which you will successfully warm up the oven and prepare the biscuit molds.

We form cookies

When the dough for biscuits on the brine rests, itwill increase in volume and become more magnificent. Note that this is without adding yeast and chicken eggs. A piece of dough is divided into two parts and each rolled out into a pancake about 1 cm thick. Next comes the turn, show culinary invention and imagination. Cookie shapes can be used quite different. You can simply, if there is not enough time or forms not at hand, cut the dough into squares or rhombuses.

cookies on pickle from cucumbers

Formed biscuits on the brine we lay on a baking tray, which is pre-covered with baking paper. You can grease the paper with a little vegetable oil or just sprinkle with flour.

We bake

The oven heats up to 200 degrees.Try to lay out the cookies so that there is enough space between them. In the baking process, they will expand. Time of preparation of cookies on a cucumber brine - 12-15 minutes. Strongly fry it is not necessary, because the cookie will not crunchy and crumbly, but hard and tasteless.

How to serve

It is important to note that many mistresses are afraidcook the biscuits on the brine. They think that pastries will smell of cucumbers or give sauerkraut. This is the perfect misconception of inexperienced cooks. The cookie turns out to be not similar to other known pastries, but it does not smell as cucumbers. With tea, fruit juice or homemade compote, the biscuits on the brine (photo attached) will be combined perfectly.

biscuits on brine

Tips and Tricks

If in the used brine come across leaflets of greens, carnations, etc., then we advise before adding to the dough to strain it.

Be sure to check the brine for salinity before adding it to the dough. If the marinade, which was filled with cucumbers, is too salty, then add a smaller amount.

You can serve cookies not only during Lent. It will appeal to guests at any time of the year.

It's nice that such a cookie remains very soft and crispy for a long time. The term will last even longer if the cookies are placed in a glass container with a well-closed lid.

The dough turns out thick enough. This should not be feared. Stir it recommended with a wooden spoon or spatula.

If you prefer salty pastries, just reduce the amount of sugar and add a little more brine. In this case, the cookies will turn out to be salty and will resemble taste to crackers.

Crackers will look like cookies, and in that case,if you cut the dough while cutting, you will cut it in long thin strips. Brusochki when baking will be more lush. After cooking, you can sprinkle a little salt. It turns out salty crispy slices, which can easily replace bread or crackers.

It does not spoil, but, on the contrary, goes touse, a spoonful of ground cinnamon, ginger or cocoa added to the dough. You can also add candied fruits, honey instead of sugar and nuts. Dried fruits and candied fruits should be soaked for 10-20 minutes before adding to the dough.

cookies on pickle cucumber

More useful and low-calorie biscuits on the brine will be obtained if you replace a part of the flour with usual oat flakes.

In the dough, you can add kernels of sunflower seeds (salted or ordinary). They will make pastries not only beautiful externally, but also incredibly useful. In addition, the kernels can replace more caloric nuts.

If the prescription does not limit the fast or diet, then indough you can add a little butter, condensed milk, and a couple of spoons of sour cream. As a result, you will get surprisingly satisfying, incredibly sweet and delicious cookies for the holiday.

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