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Those whose childhood passed at the turn of the eighties and nineties of the last century, the chewing gum "Type Tip" is well known. In the days of the former Soviet Union, it enjoyed immense popularity.

Product Description

Chewing gum "Tipi Type", like all the others, is a confectionery product, consisting of two parts:

  • rubber, which is its elastic, but inedible base;
  • aromatic and flavor additives.

In principle, this is the standard composition of anychewing gum, regardless of shape and type. After all, it is not eaten, but is used, as a rule, for entertainment. A few seconds after use, the rubber base becomes very plastic and it can even blow out bubbles of various sizes.

chewing gum type

In addition, the chewing gum "Tipi Type" always differedexcellent taste. And it persisted even after long use. The child could chew this gum for hours. And all this time she tasted like new. People of the older generation, of course, perfectly remember this unforgettable aroma. But today it causes them only nostalgic memories of that time, which, unfortunately, can not be returned. And the chewing gum itself is increasingly used as the simplest means of hygiene.

Interesting to know

Many do not even suspect that the first prototypeModern chewing gum appeared in Finland about five millennia ago. Later analogs of this product appeared in many countries of the world. However, all of them at that time were used exclusively for cleaning teeth and freshening the breath.

For example, the ancient Greeks took for this beewax, and representatives of the Maya tribe - rubber. On an industrial scale, chewing gum was produced only in the middle of the 19th century. In 1848 it was done by twenty-year-old American John Curtis. Over time, he had many followers. Finally, about half a century ago, the Turkish confectionery company Kent Gida engaged in this. It was in his production halls that the "Type Tip" chewing gum was created. The export of new goods produced good profits. The new products were delivered to many countries of the world, including the USSR, where they enjoyed immense popularity. Over time, the company has changed its focus and is now more engaged in the production of sweets.


How did the type of chewing gum look like?Photos and even originals of such a product today can be found only from collectors. It is a product of a rectangular shape in the form of a classic pillow, packed in a bright wrapper.

chewing gum type photo

On its front side there was a picturein large letters the name of the product (Tipi Tip). Below it was written balonlu ciklet, which in Turkish means "chewing gum", and on top - the name of the company (Kent). For its product, the manufacturer came up with a hero. They became a funny short man in glasses with a funny long nose. It was shown next to the product name.

Depending on the flavor of the chewing gum, the cover changedbackground and coloring of the protagonist's costume. However, today this product goes on sale in a new format. This is a cardboard package with an opening valve, inside of which there are 14 plates. But they can enjoy mostly Turkish babies. Abroad, this product is almost not received.

Funny pictures

But many children were attracted not only by the cud"Type Type." Inserts that were under the wrapper, became for them the subject of collecting and exchanging. In fact, it was a kind of "children's currency." And even the ruble itself could envy its stability. Each liner has its own price. Children exchanged them among themselves, seeking to create the most complete collections in their lives.

chewing gum type liners

On the liners was depicted the long-nosedan eccentric with which each story took its own story. It was something like a mini-comics, in which the main character got into a variety of funny situations. The owners of these inserts still continue to do their favorite things. There are numerous forums where some are looking for new copies, while others are also trying to replenish their collections by selling the duplicates they have. By the way, not only children do this. Many adults over time have not been able to give up their favorite occupation.

Real legends

Chewing gum "Turbo", "Type Type", "Donald" and manyothers were particularly in demand in the nineties of the twentieth century. At first they were brought to the Soviet Union illegally. And then, thanks to the mass movement of the shuttle traders, they appeared in every kiosk.

chewing gum turbo typed type donald

There was a real boom of chewing gum.The children forgot about sweets and cakes. The most desired delicacy for many of them are the popular chewing gums. But each product at the same time had its target audience.

"Turbo" was bought mostly by boys, because underwrapped there were pictures depicting different types of cars. Girls are also happy to collect stories with a cool little man or an unfortunate duckling. Parents of such collectors had a hard time. After all, kids every day asked to buy them chewing gum in anticipation of new pictures. Despite the fact that a lot of time has passed since the appearance of these products in our country, interest in them is constantly growing.

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