Cutlets from chicken breasts

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Perhaps there is no one who would not lovedelicious chicken meatballs. That is why we present you several recipes for cooking this wonderful meat dish, which will complement any garnish.

Cutlets from chicken breasts and pork with paprika

To prepare them you will need:

Pork breast smoked - 145 g;

Chicken fillet - 650 g;


Red pepper;

Garlic - a pair of denticles;

Mayonnaise - 3 tablespoons;


Flour, salt, vegetable oil

Initially, you should skip meat and onions throughmeat grinder, then add the squeezed garlic to it. Cooked stuffing sprinkle with pepper, salt, add mayonnaise, egg and mix well. Then place the minutes for 18 in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, peel the pepper from the seeds and cut into slices. Then pour the flour into the plate, in which the cutlets will be harvested. Take the minced meat from the refrigerator, add pepper and mix thoroughly. Then heat the frying pan with butter and fry in it the slices formed from the stuffing until ready. Cutlets from chicken breasts are very fragrant and nourishing. And thanks to red pepper their taste is simply amazing. Bon Appetit!

Cutlets from chicken breasts with broccoli and cauliflower


Zucchini - 1 piece;

Cabbage color - 225 g;

Broccoli - 310 g;

Chicken fillet - 550 g;



Pepper, salt, spices;

Vegetable oil

Initially, boil broccoli and coloredcabbage with salted water. Then chop the chicken fillet, zucchini and boiled cabbage with a blender. Then all the products are combined and mixed together. Then add the egg, chopped finely onions, peppers, spices and salt. All is well mixed. From the received forcemeat to form balls and to fry them on vegetable oil from both parties up to full readiness. Such cutlets from chicken breasts will be an excellent dish on your table. Serve them best with a salad of fresh vegetables.

Cutlets from chicken breasts with garlic

Another recipe for dietary cutlets, which are prepared for no more than forty minutes. Ingredients for four servings:


Seasonings, salt, pepper;

Chicken fillet - about 1 kg;





Bread white - a pair of slices;

Garlic - 1-2 wedges

First you need to grind in a blender (you canalso use a meat grinder) chicken meat and onion. Then add salt, pepper, spices, soaked in milk bread, squeezed garlic and chopped parsley. If minced meat is too dense consistency, you can add a little boiled water. This will help make the cutlets soft and lush.

After that, form the balls, roll in flour and fry in a skillet with butter. It is best to use olive oil, especially if you are on a diet. Bon Appetit!

Chicken cutlets "Tenderness" with greens and cheese

To prepare these cutlets you will need the following products:

Cheese - 140 g;

Chicken fillet - 1.2 kg;

Eggs - 2 pieces;

Mayonnaise - 3-4 tablespoons;

Flour - 3-4 tablespoons;

Pepper, salt, seasoning;


Vegetable oil or olive oil

This method of cooking is extremely simple and nottake you a lot of time. It should be noted that you can use not only fillets, but also thighs, brisket and other meat, which should be separated from the bones for cooking stuffing.

First you need to chop chicken with a knife,then add pepper, spices, salt, beaten eggs, grated cheese, flour and mayonnaise. All the products are thoroughly mixed, after which it is possible to form cutlets and fry from the prepared forcemeat. They look like pancakes, and the taste is simply delicious!

Chicken cutlets dietary

Products for cooking:

Eggs - 5-6 pieces;

Soy flour (you can take oatmeal) - 1 spoon;

Chicken fillet - 450 g;

Salt, curry seasoning

Of the ingredients described above,stuffing. To do this, you must first separate the proteins from the eggs and mix them with chicken, oatmeal or soy flour, add curry, salt and other condiments at will. Then mix well and make medium-sized cutlets. Cook in the steamer for 18-22 minutes. Serve with vegetables. With such a dish, any diet will be delicious and nutritious!

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