Notes for Gourmets: How to Choose a Sushi?

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Dietitians around the world have long noticed thatthe fact that traditional eastern food is much more useful for the human body than the standard dishes of Western and European cuisines. Non-exclusion and sushi. More precisely, "sushi", because this is how the name of this dish sounds in Japan. Naturally, many gourmets beginners have the same question: "And how to choose a sushi?" To properly resolve the "dilemma" you first need to find out what is behind the exotic name of the product. So, what is sushi?
This dish of Japanese cuisine harmoniously combinesa few of which, of course, are rice and sea fish (the latter contains a sufficient amount of iodine and minimizes the intake of so-called purine bases, which are the root cause of gout). Ready-to-use sushi should not have a pronounced smell, and this is the first thing that you need to pay attention to when buying and doing Sushi order. In some restaurants dishonest chefs"Cunning" and add to the dish river fish. Identify the forgery just can be on the unpleasant scent of the "fake" component. In addition, freshly prepared sushi pieces of fish always look special: all their appearance, they seem to indicate the freshness of the product. But the "stagnant" dish "will please" the buyer with weather-beaten forms and semi-dry taste qualities. As for rice, its "bun" should not be too strong, but the loose structure must keep heat for a certain time. It is clear that, having found a cold and compressed clump of rice in the plate, which, moreover, has already dried up, one should not cherish the hopes of the recent "origin" of the land. By the way, this also indicates the low qualification of the chef, so it is better to refuse from visiting such a restaurant (sushi bar) for the second time. These seemingly simple observations will allow you to significantly reduce the list of places where you can taste real Japanese cuisine. If you like to order food home, let it be a fast delivery of sushi and delivery of pizza Mitino - the area is developed, and many companies are ready to offer delivery within an hour.
By the way, sushi is not in vain called universal food. And, it's not even about the unique characteristics of the energy value of the product. Everything is much simpler! Only this oriental yummy is equally appropriate, as during dinner in a close home circle, and for a business lunch with business associates. Unique coloring and a real pleasure from the reception of such food is simply guaranteed!

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