Restaurant Yoko Mokko ("Yoko-Mokko"), Voronezh: menu, reviews

Food and drink

As in any big city, new restaurants, fast food cafes, food courts, coffee houses and confectioneries are opened monthly in Voronezh.

Restaurants in Voronezh are different in menu and design. There are those that are often empty, and those that are always filled with visitors. Today we will discuss one of the best restaurants in the city - "Yoko-Mokko".

Democratic cuisine

Among the many culinary establishments in Voronezh, the network of fast-food restaurants Yoko Mokko stands out. In the institutions of this network is always crowded and cozy. It is noticeable that the people of Voronezh love this place.

"Yoko-Mokko" (Voronezh)

"Yoko-Mokko" (Voronezh) positions itself as aa network of democratic restaurants with mixed cuisine - Japanese-Italian. The first institution of the network was opened in 2011 in the center of Voronezh. Visitors immediately loved the restaurant's unusual cuisine, democratic prices and stylish surroundings inside the restaurant.

Now several restaurants are open, and this is an indicator that they are popular among the population of Voronezh.

In "Yoko-Mokko" (Voronezh) there is a delivery service, which will bring the order for minutes in any part of the city. It turns out that this is real!

Pizza by own recipe

The menu in Yoko Mokko (Voronezh) is quite extensive: from the hits of Japanese cuisine (various sushi and roll-sets) to undoubted leaders of Italian (various kinds of pizza, pasta and other hot dishes, snacks and desserts). In general, here everyone will find what they want to try, at the same moment!

From drinks in Yoko Mokko (Voronezh), you can order all kinds of alcohol: from beer and wine to strong species, as well as soft drinks.

Yoko Mokko (Voronezh)

The cuisine in "Yoko-Mokko" meets the fashion trends of the time and tastes of most people.

Here you can try all the classic viewspizza, such as pepperoni, diablo, capricioso, veneto, modeno, castillo, etc. You can also collect your own pizza from your favorite ingredients. Prices for these dishes range from 300 to 780 rubles (depending on what products are included in the pizza).

What is your favorite pasta?

Also in Yoko Mokko restaurant you can tastevarious types of pasta: from classic (marinara, bolognese, carbonara, konpochinho, kalermo) to simple pasta recipes with a chop and / or chicken known to everyone.

The cost of each paste does not exceed 400 rubles, andthe composition of any dish is such that you want to try it right now. For example, the carbonara paste is pancetto, cream, granapodano cheese, leek and garlic. And this is only 360 rubles.

Tacos or burrito?

Hot snacks from Yoko Mokko include burrito, quesadilla, tacos - indispensable hits of Spanish and Mexican cuisine, as well as snacks from European and Asian culinary.

Restaurants in Voronezh

Despite the fact that the restaurant originally offeredJapanese-Italian menu, soon the policy of the institution became such that more and more dishes of European cuisine appeared in the menu, and now there is even a Mexican dish. And it's wonderful, because if you prefer sushi, and your friend does not think his life without tacos, you do not need to compromise any more - just look into Yoko Mokko and order all your favorite dishes there.

What's for lunch?

In Yoko Mokko you can have a wonderful lunch, because the choice of soups here is also diverse.

It serves hodge-podge and okroshka, cheese and mushroomsoup, as well as soups from Asian and Mexican cuisine. The cost of liquid dishes is somewhere around 150 rubles, so you can take more and hotter. For example, any meat dishes or poultry dishes: beef stroganoff, turkey steak, pork in honey-mustard sauce, pork loin, pork shish kebab, pork pan, red-eyed baked, yasai tory tepana and others. As you can see, Asian dishes with the famous dishes of European cuisine adjoin here, but this does not prevent them from all being quality and delicious. And the prices for hot dishes do not exceed 370 rubles.

Fast food chain

For a side dish, you can order grilled vegetables or potatoes, cooked in any way.

Alternating Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine in the Yoko Mokko restaurant is represented by different types of sushi: Maguro tempura, tempo tempura, shak tempura, taco tempura, maguro, murazaki and others equally famous.

Also here are served spices - it's wrapped inalgae snacks: ebi avocado, ebi, Tory Unagi and others. Most often in seaweed wrap tuna, avocado, shrimp and seafood like mussels, octopus and others.

A fine example of Japanese cuisine is a snack of gunkano. This is a red game wrapped in algae with various ingredients.

All sushi, spices and gunkans are sold by the piece, their price is around 60-79 rubles.

It is worth trying, a dish forthe name of a hosomaki is something like sushi rolls with different flavors, for example, unagi poppies with eel, shakake poppies with salmon, poppy maki with cucumber and others. Small sets of these snacks cost from 90 rubles.

How in the Japanese cuisine do without rolls?

Menu Yoko Mokko includes a large number of different rolls, sets of rolls and even warm rolls, and for every taste and budget.

Here you can try the world famousrolls "New York" and "Philadelphia". And also rolls "Canada", "Philadelphia-light", "Geisha", "Idaho" and others. They are made of the highest quality ingredients and exactly match the original recipes.

For example, the roll "California" is made from fillets of salmon, cucumber, avocado and tobiko caviar. Eight rolls of this set cost only 270 rubles.

What are warm rolls from the Yoko Mokko menu?These are the same rolls, but with hot ingredients. For example, a roll with the Italian name "Bonito" includes an omelet, eel, bacon and cheese. For lovers of original tastes, it's just a gift of fate.

The menu is diverse!

Or here is a wonderful roll "Beer-roll" (Beer-roll). It is made from bacon, grilled chicken fillet, mozzarella cheese and hot sauce. Warm rolls are sold at a price of 290 rubles.

Sets rolls will come out more expensive (up to a thousand rubles). Each set includes different most popular and combined rolls and other small Japanese snacks.

What of the desserts you can try in Yoko Mokko?

It serves a variety of cakes, pastries and pancakes, there is also a slicing of fresh fruit. Famous cakes "Snickers", "Prague" or cult cheesecake can be tasted for dessert.

As you can see, the menu of the restaurant is incredibly diverse, designed for every taste.

But it's impossible to evaluate restaurants in Voronezh without knowing how customers react to them.

What do the visitors say?

How do visitors of this institution react about "Yoko-Mokko" (Voronezh)?

The restaurant has many regular customers, andthey often say that they like everything very much. All without exception, they say that the service is good, but the menu is diverse. From the shortcomings it is said that the photos in the menu do not look like real dishes, and that the dishes on the menu often change.

I like that there are descriptions of dishes on the menu thatalways lets you determine if you want to order it or not. Plus also lies in the fact that there is a room for smokers and non-smokers. Prices in the restaurant are quite acceptable, and the average bill is around 500 rubles per person.

Pasta marianara

Many opinions on the site of the reviews can be found about,that "Yoko-Mokko" (Voronezh) is a wonderful place for gathering with friends. Here it is very tasty and cozy, the prices are democratic, and there are no shortcomings, according to some customers.

Visitors really like that portions are large, andservice at the highest level. The atmosphere is very calm, pacifying, the interior is stylish, and the music is quiet, which makes it possible to communicate with friends or lover.

Also mentioned are discounts for students, which makes Yoko-Mokko an even more attractive place.

Very tasty pasta

Customers of the restaurant respond about the restaurant asa democratic place with delicious food, which is served simply chic pasta marinara - there are many opinions on the site reviews. Often referred to the shares and discounts that are in the institution. Waiters are friendly, so they are pleased to leave a tip.

Sometimes it is noted that in all restaurants of the networkdifferent interior, but this feature is like a lot. Since every time you go to a familiar institution for different addresses, you get to like different restaurants and you are happy that you got into your favorite "Yoko-Mokko". Of the minuses, some lead to the example that the dishes disappear from the menu, which are often not replaced by new similar positions.

Below is an example of a photo of one of the pizzas served in these restaurants:

Very tasty pizza

You can also find opinions about the fact that the institution has changed somewhat. There are waiters who mix dishes, but these are the costs of what is called the human factor.

The restaurant is very tasty pizza - so believemany visitors to the restaurant. Pizza here is called one of the best in the city. And also guests like the fact that the network operates a system of discount cards, and this, of course, is beneficial for regular customers.

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