Home-made vegetable salads for the winter: cooking recipes

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During the summer, many housewives canvegetable salads for the winter from completely different ingredients. Such delicious and useful preparations perfectly match different garnishes, especially they are pleasant to eat in the cold season, when the body is so lacking in greenery.

vegetable salads for the winter

Homemade pickles decorate the festive table andsaturate our body with vitamins. This article will present the original blanks for the winter. Vegetable salads can be made from mixed foods, for example, cucumbers and tomatoes, cabbage and peppers, zucchini and beans, etc. Cook with pleasure, and we will help you in this.

Here is a list of the most affordable and fastest recipes.

Autumn Salad

Proportion of products count on your own,based on the capacity of the can. A set of ingredients: a kilogram of cucumbers, choose a small size, gherkins will be best suited, small tomatoes (kg), bay leaf (pair), onion (head) and pepper pot will also be needed.

For marinade:

- vinegar (9 tablespoons);

- cold water (three glasses);

- sugar (50 g);

- salt (10 g);

- vegetable oil (10 g).

blanks for the winter vegetable salads

In advance, we sterilize the container, lay it on the bottom of the sheetlaurel, three peas of pepper and pour the vegetable oil. We cut vegetables with slices or slices (as you wish), onion half rings - we lay in layers, alternating cucumbers, tomatoes, onions. Tare to fill up to the top, because the products will settle. We make a marinade from the above components and fill it in a container. Close the lid, turn it over and leave it until the salad cools down. Vegetable salads for the winter, cooked in this way, are very delicious.

Spicy salad from cabbage and bell pepper

Take a kilogram of cucumbers, bell peppers, cabbage, onions and green tomatoes. As a result, you will get 5 liters of stock.

You will also need: table vinegar (200 ml), cloves (pinch), salt (100 g), sunflower oil (20 g) and black pepper (3 pcs.).

We cut the products into slices or rings, shred cabbages and add them to sterilized cans. There we add seasonings, vinegar and vegetable oil - we twist the container.

Vegetable salads for the winter are also made from cabbage and carrots. You can add dill and parsley to taste. The cut products are cooked for about 20 minutes, and then stacked on cans.

delicious vegetable salads for the winter

Tasty vegetable salads for the winter can be made frommixed products. Let's prepare "Assorti" from zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, onions. In addition, you need sugar, vinegar, cloves, bay leaf, black pepper, salt and any other spices at your discretion.

For marinade (per 3 liters): sugar (50 g); salt (10 g); vinegar (50 g).

We cut all vegetables with large mugs, mixthey are added together with seasonings and layers in cans. Double pour boiling water, each time we let it brew for 15 minutes, and the third time add the cooked marinade and roll. When serving in the pickle we add vegetable oil and weed the greens. The taste of this dish is very spicy and pleasant.

Homemade vegetable salads for the winter - this is the bestalternative to harmful purchases. Canned vegetables are rich in carotenoids, tannins and ascorbic acid. So prepare them and enjoy healthy meals in the winter.

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