Lenten pastry

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Many people can not imagine the absencearoma of fresh baked goods during the fast, when you have to deny yourself the pleasure of working with the test, because in most recipes there are products forbidden during this period: eggs, butter, milk. But in this case, acceptable options for replacing products of animal origin are found, so lean baking will be no less fragrant, tasty and useful.

So one egg can be replaced by growing seedsflax (one glass) mixed with water (three spoons). This mixture can be used to make pies and cookies. Milk is replaced with soy or crushed coconut pulp, diluted with water. Instead of butter use mashed puree (half a cup of fruit and one third of a glass of water).

Lenten pastry

Thus, lean baking does not necessarily lose flavor, because you can always adapt any recipe for a lean table.

1. The Monastic Priest's Pie

Ingredients: one glass of strong warm tea, seven spoons of flour, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, one hundred grams of sugar, three spoons of jam, one spoonful of baking powder, nuts, spices and dried fruits to taste.

Of all these ingredients, knead the dough, spread it on a baking tray, previously covered with parchment paper, and bake for twenty minutes in a well-heated oven.

Pastry made from short pastry

2. Lenten pastry with candied fruits

Ingredients: half a glass of flour, half a liter of orange juice, five hundred grams of a mixture of various dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes, nuts, raisins, etc.), two spoons of baking powder.

Dried fruits are poured with juice and left ontwelve hours, after which add baking powder, flour and mix well, put on a baking tray, oiled, and bake for twenty-five minutes in a well-heated oven.

3. Greek pie

Ingredients: one glass of vegetable oil (olive oil), one and a half glasses of sugar, one and a half cups of walnuts (crushed), one glass of raisins, four glasses of flour, two glasses of water, half a glass of liqueur, cognac or wine, one spoonful of cinnamon and cloves, as well as three spoons of baking powder.

This batch is prepared without eggs, but thanks to nuts and dried fruits, it turns out to be satisfying.

So, flour, cloves, cinnamon and baking powder are mixed, add the oil and mix. Then water, sugar, cognac, nuts, raisins and zest are added to these products.

It should be said that the raisins must be preliminarilypass the boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Next, the dough is spread into a mold and baked for one hour. The finished lean baking should cool (fifteen minutes), then it is cut into portions, sprinkled with nuts.

Pastry from dough

4. Onion turntables

Ingredients: five onions, one and a half spoonfuls of dry yeast, two tablespoons vegetable oil, one glass of water.

Onions cut into rings, salt and pepper, goodis stirred. Yeast is dissolved in salted water, add butter and mix a soft dough. It is rolled in the form of sausages and cut into pieces. Each such piece is rolled out, oiled with vegetable oil, put onion filling in the middle and screwed into a tube, forming a horseshoe. The product is smeared with strong tea and baked in the oven until ready.

Thus, during fasting can be prepareddifferent pastries, from a short pastry, it may not work, because it does not contain butter, but there are a lot of recipes that are suitable for such cases.

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