Delicatessen delicacy - tiva kebab beads: a masterpiece of Azerbaijani cuisine

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Kebab as such in the representation of the majoritypeople of non-Eastern nationalities - this, roughly speaking, cutlets, strung on skewers and baked on a brazier. And this opinion, in principle, is true. However, there is a special delicacy of delicacy - tava-kebab bits, which recipe was shared with the world by Azerbaijani cookery. And the most pleasant thing about them is that this dish is not cooked on an open fire, but in the most ordinary oven. So the true taste can be easily embodied in your kitchen, without receding from the recipe.

delicacy beverage tava kebab

Tava-kebab by all means

To get real delicacy,Tava-kebab beans should be made from lamb. 750 grams of meat and two large onions are ground in a meat grinder, flavored with salt and pepper and diligently vymeshivayutsya. From minced meat small round balls are molded, slightly flattened and fried in creamy melted butter without any kind of breading. Two more crushed onions are filled with a spoon with a sugar cane, sprinkled with a pile of wine vinegar and left to marinate. Fried tava kebab beads are laid out in a mold, filled with eggs (8 pieces), whipped and mixed with crushed dill, cilantro and mint. It remains to add onion sauce, put in the oven and bake until the omelet is formed.

tava kebab recipe

Cooking options

Classical Azerbaijani cuisine offers andAnother version of the recipe, on which delicacy delicacies are prepared - tava kebab beads. First, instead of the sauce from the onion, you can make a tomato. For him, with a third of a kilogram of fresh tomatoes, the skin is removed, the attachment points to the bush are removed and the seeds are cleaned. Vegetables are processed in puree. Onion, which in the previous recipe was marinated, for this option is added in lean oil; as it becomes soft - add the mush from tomatoes. The next steps are the same.

Also it is not necessary to bake exclusivelytawa-kebab. The recipe allows to make the dish absolutely independent, not requiring a side dish. To do this, the little beads laid out in the form are covered with large slices of potatoes fried in advance. All ingredients are filled with sauce and eggs, and only after that the frying pan goes to the oven.

tiva kebab beads

Fish tawa-kebab

At least delicacy delicacies - little bitstava-kebab from fish. True, they will need such exotic ingredients as boiled chestnuts (if desired, you can find) and sauce narsherab. The latter can be done on your own, evaporating the real pomegranate juice to a density and adding spicery - pepper, cinnamon, basil and coriander. For mincemeat, a kilo of fish without skin and bones is ground with a piece of soaked bread, an onion and 16 chestnuts. Add grated carrots and pepper with salt to the mass. Since fish tawa-kebab is very delicate, before panning it is breaded in breadcrumbs. But baking is not provided: you have to cook until you are ready. Ready to put the dish on the plates, pour narsherabom and sprinkle with chopped greens.

Enjoy the achievements of cooking in Azerbaijan!

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