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Manufacturers of alcohol products have created hundredsa variety of liquors. A huge layer among them is occupied by coffee liqueurs. Today, you can find several dozen varieties of this drink, which include coffee additives. And only a few coffee-based liqueurs are real leaders.

One of them is Kahlua liqueur, which has Mexicanroots and produced for more than 70 years. It has an unforgettable aroma and bright, rich taste. And even if he does not have a centuries-old tradition, his production is not covered with a lot of legends, and the recipe is not passed from generation to generation under the "Secret" stamp. This did not stop the "Kaloua" win many admirers in all corners of the earth and unite all those who love fine alcohol.

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Kahlua - liquor, which began to produce in 1936year. A certain Pedro Domez of Mexico decided to establish a coffee drink with a degree. The name was born almost immediately and translated as "a house for the people of Acolua" (the name of Acolua was called Mesoamerican peoples who arrived in the valley of Mexico in the early 13th century). This name should emphasize the nationality of the drink. The Spaniards changed the name a little in their own way, pronouncing this word as "Ulua", in honor of the fortress of San Juan de Ulua.

Production was first based in Mexico, and inIn 1994, the company moved to Allaida Lyons. In 2005, the lion's share of the company was bought by the French company Pernod Ricard. Today, Kahlua liqueur is produced not only in Mexico, but also in Denmark and England. And the drink is sold in more than 120 countries. In a year lovers of "Kalua" in total consume 20 million liters of this drink.

Production features

The basis of the preparation of the drink is Arabica coffee, considered to be the best variety in the world. In addition to high-end coffee, the recipe includes vanilla syrup, real Mexican reed rum and purified alcohol.

Liqueur Kahlua is made only from Mexicanarabica. Grain is collected at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level. Experts say that a favored high mountain sun gives coffee a special charm. Collectors select only the ripe grains, which then go to the sink, and after it - to dry under direct sunlight. Then follows the frying process.

Vanilla and alcohol, which are added to the ground coffee, are also produced in Mexico. There is also produced the famous rum, which is part of the liquor "Kaloua".

Fortress of the drink

The manufacturer produces Kahlua liqueur with differentlevel of the fortress. It depends not only on the type of liquor, but also on the laws of the importing country, in which it is to go. Usually, the alcohol content ranges from 20 to 36 degrees, which refers to liquor to medium strength drinks.

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For example, in the United States only 20% of Kahlua is allowed, although some state laws approve and a slightly larger fortress.

In 2002, the company launched the production of Kahlúa Especial, one of the strongest. Its fortress is 36%.


Initially, only one type of liquor was produced. And at the end of the 20th century, the manufacturer expanded the range. Today such varieties are known:

  • Kahlua - traditional;
  • Mocha - vanilla-chocolate;
  • French Vanilla - vanilla;
  • Hazelnut - with fried hazelnuts;
  • Especial - with a special fortress (36%);
  • White Russian and Mudslide - ready-to-use varieties based on cocktails;
  • Chocolate Latte - ready-to-use grade based on coffee latte with chocolate;
  • Spiced Eggnog - an egg-wine cocktail limited edition;
  • Peppermint Mocha - mint, limited edition;
  • Kahlúa Cinnamon Spice - with cinnamon.

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Some of these varieties at different times wereawarded titles and awards. At the annual competition for alcohol producers (San Francisco), Especial was awarded three silver medals (2005-2007), and in 2009 received bronze medals.

Coffee liqueur Kahlua, whose price is prettyis high, in the territory of Russia and CIS countries is not represented in all its range. But the most popular varieties of it can be obtained in solid wine boutiques.

Price list

Today, the easiest way to find a classicliqueur of Kahlua. The price for a bottle of 700 ml is about $ 30. Do not trust unverified suppliers and pay attention to the labels on the label. The original drink is made only in Mexico, Denmark and England. Should be on guard and too low price.

Feeding to the table and culture of consumption

Kahlua is a liqueur that is drunk both in its pure form and inthe composition of cocktails. The taste of it, as they say, on an amateur, and some may seem too sweet. Before serving, undiluted liqueur must be cooled.

This drink perfectly matches with cream andmilk. And for those who like unusual combinations and cocktails, the producer makes a small present, placing on the label several original recipes. The most popular cocktails with this liqueur are: "White Russian", "Black Russian", "Brave bull", "B-52", "Desperato", "Black Magic". And there are more than 200 recipes for a variety of cocktails.

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Use Kahlua liqueur and in cooking. It is added to the dough and various desserts to give them a noble coffee-vanilla flavor.

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