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Moussaka came to us from Greece. True, the authorship of this dish is contested by a number of Mediterranean countries: Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria and even Moldova, which is close to us. But the classic moussaka - with eggplants, lamb, tomatoes, cheese sauce - is still considered a traditional Greek food. In other countries, this dish is prepared with potatoes or rice, with white cabbage or cauliflower. There is even a vegetarian recipe for moussaka - without meat. But today we will talk about a classic Greek dish.

Musaka with eggplant

So, the ingredients ... And now on thispreparatory stage, we face certain difficulties. Greek moussaka with eggplants is cooked with lamb, parmesan and olive oil, but we do not have these products, or they are very expensive. Therefore, let's go on a compromise, although gourmets and contemptuously wrinkle their nose. We replace mutton with any meat that can be bought, olive oil for sunflower, and Parmesan for hard cheese "Rossiyskiy".

We take three medium eggplants, cut them with washersthick in a centimeter and abundantly salted. Leave it for half an hour. During this time, a close relative of the poisonous nightshade will give all its bitterness. If your moussaka with eggplant is with whole meat, and not minced meat, its pieces should be slightly repulsed. After that, we wash the "blue" under running water. In the frying pan, we warm up the vegetable oil, eggplant bread in flour and fry from both sides until a ruddy crust appears. Ready-made washers are piled on a kitchen towel or in a colander to stack excess fat.

Musaka with eggplant and minced meat
Two bulbs finely shred and also passer inoil. If you have a plan of moussaka with eggplant and minced meat, it's time to use this last ingredient (half a kilo). It needs to be fried quite a bit, about ten minutes. But it should be actively interfered with, so that he does not gather in lumps.

If you have whole meat, cut it into small pieces (as for beef Stroganoff) and also cook until half cooked.

One large or two medium-sized tomatoes are scaldedboiling water and peel. Cut tomatoes into small cubes and add them to meat or minced meat. Sprinkle the contents of the frying pan with chopped three cloves of garlic and fresh herbs of basil and parsley, salt and spices. We extinguish seven minutes. Pour a glass of white wine and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.

Greek moussaka with eggplant

Moussaka with eggplant is impossible without cheese sauce. We will now deal with them. First three small, "on gunpowder, 150 grams of hard cheese. Then in one and a half glasses of milk we beat an egg. In a frying pan in two tablespoons of oil, lightly rum up the same amount of flour. We pour in the milk-egg mixture and, without interruption, stirring, boil until thick. Finally, pour the cheese, stir until homogeneous and remove from heat. Season the sauce with salt, greens and spices.

The final step is to connect the components inform for baking. First, lay out half of the pieces of "blue". We place on them an even layer of minced meat, fried with vegetables. Next - again eggplant and again the meat mass. Now fill in the sauce. Oven we warm up to 180 aboutS. Musaka with eggplant is baked for about half an hour, until the top is covered with a beautiful crust.

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