Savings card "Lukoil": advantages, how to get and how to use the discount


Sellers of goods and services with a constantRegularly develop for their loyal customers various bonus programs and promotions, thereby encouraging them for the fact that they have been cooperating with them for a long time. And motorists are not an exception, they also become participants in bonus programs.

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Car enthusiasts choosing refueling "Lukoil",may interest the self-titled accumulative card. Although the benefits of participating in such a bonus program are significant, not all customers use it. Probably, they are frightened by the procedure for activating the card. But the activation process is not complicated - it will require a mobile phone, access to the Internet and the accumulation card "Lukoil".

How to get a card?

Before you learn how to obtain a cumulativemap "Lukoil", it is necessary to emphasize that one person is issued only one card. It is issued completely free of charge at sales offices. To do this, just fill out the questionnaire, indicating your full name. The card has an indefinite validity period, if for some reason the terminal does not accept it, call the hotline number. Operators can help you fix the problem.

How to activate the bonus card "Lukoil"?

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Lukoil cards operate in most regions of Russia. The activation procedure is quite simple and does not require performing complex actions.

  1. It is necessary to wait for a sms-message with the code for registration;
  2. Enter the received four-digit code in any terminal that you find at the gas stations.

After these simple actions, the card is considered active and can be used.

After activating the card, its holder automaticallybecomes a member of the club "Lukoil". To use the card is even more convenient, we recommend to open the "Personal Account" on the club's website. It allows you to track the statistics of spending and the number of accrued bonuses.

If you filled out the questionnaire, but SMS message withcode did not come, we recommend to contact the operator of the hotline, he will answer all questions related to bonus cards. Tell him that you did not receive a message with the activation code. Then you will be sent the necessary code again. The hotline phone is also useful when you lose your card.

How do I check my card balance?

You can check the status of the accrued bonus points both in the "Personal account" on the club's website and ask to print a check at the gas station "Lukoil".

Bonus card cumulative

Features of the map "Lukoil"

The accumulation card "Lukoil" allows itsthe owner to cut expenses on gasoline and diesel fuel. How profitable it will be depends on how often you use the gas stations of this company. Bonus card "Lukoil" - accumulative, every 50 rubles, which its holder spends on the purchase of gasoline and any other products in the branded mini market, give one point on the card balance. It is worth noting that when you accrue points, the amount spent is rounded down: that is, if you made a purchase for 2930 rubles, 58 points will return to the card. And one bonus point is one ruble.

Points that have a cumulative card"Lukoil", you can just as easily spend, as well as earn. If you want to use a discount, inform the operator about it and present a bonus card. The cost of your purchase will decrease by the amount of bonuses that are on the balance. But it is worth noting that with the use of discounts, points within the program will not accrue.

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Other card products "Lukoil"

In addition to bonus cards, Lukoil offers its more advanced co-branded cards to its physical clients:

  • LUKOIL-Petrocommerce-MasterCard;
  • LUKOIL-Uralsib-VISA.

They have the same advantages asaccumulative card "Lukoil", but still using them you can get various bonuses from the financial organizations themselves. They offer holders of such cards additional discounts and privileges from their partners - hotels, retail outlets, fitness clubs and so on. Among other things, you will have an open account in these banking institutions, which you can fund or withdraw from it for free.

Fuel cards "Lukoil" for organizations

"Lukoil" has not forgotten about its customers-legal entities: the owners of enterprises can also issue fuel cards "Lukoil-Inter-Card".

For its registration it is necessary:

  • presence of legal entity status;
  • fill out an application and a questionnaire for receiving a card;
  • send the completed forms to the e-mail of the subsidiary company "Lukoil" - "Likard".

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Advantages of fuel cards for legal entities

Let's name the basic advantages which use of such product, as fuel cards "Lukoil" has.

  1. Possibility to refuel at any gas stations of this company inside the Russian state and beyond.
  2. Monitor fuel consumption.
  3. There is a card protection PIN number.
  4. The ability to associate a card with a particular car and with a specific fuel type.
  5. Ability to set limits for refueling.
  6. The ability to manage settings using a personal cabinet.
  7. Using the program "Likard-Transit" you can save up to 6.5% of the cost of fuel.
  8. Especially large companies receive their own personal manager, who will help to resolve issues related to maintenance.
  9. Possibility to receive fuel on credit.
  10. With the card you will get a discount not only for fuel, but also for additional services of the company - delivery of gasoline, rendering technical assistance on the road, pumping tires and washing.


We described the main advantages thathave fuel and accumulation cards "Lukoil", where to get and how to use them, was also considered. It is safe to say that the card products of "Lukoil" - this is another possibility of saving the budget - the company and the family.

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