How to replenish the Kiwi wallet through the terminal: a few simple ways


With this payment system it's easier to work with than withany other. Replenish your account, withdraw funds, pay online for goods or services, fines or loans using the electronic wallet QIWI - all this takes literally minutes. To be convinced of the convenience of this system, it is enough to study one procedural moments once, for example, how to replenish the Kiwi-purse through the terminal, how to make payment from it or withdraw funds to the card.

how to replenish kiwi wallet through terminal

Step one: open the wallet

To start using this protozoanway of commodity-money turnover, you must first get yourself a purse in the payment system. Like everything else, this procedure is very quick and easy. You can choose one of two ways to register - on the site and through the terminal. In the first case, you need to register a personal cabinet, enter your phone and suggested captcha, tick off and accept the terms, then it remains to confirm the authenticity of the number via SMS - and that will not be a problem anymore how to replenish the Kiwi wallet through the terminal. To replenish the account with the card you need other steps, but more about this later. Registration of a wallet in the terminal is not at all more difficult. In the start window you need to select the option "Wallet" and dial your number. Next, the system will offer to register, which should be confirmed with the "Yes" and "Next" buttons. On the phone will come the code to enter your office. A window will open for the cell number and then to enter the PIN code. Everything, the cabinet is ready, and now the user will know how to replenish the Kiwi-purse through the terminal.

replenish kiwi wallet through terminal

Register your card

Binding an already existing plastic card toVisa QIWI Wallet is very user-friendly. The main thing is that it helps to minimize efforts to replenish the Kiwi-purse through the terminal of any bank or on the Internet, but also to purchase goods in a vast network of online stores. The procedure is performed in several steps on the website of the QIWI system. One condition: the card must be made in the country where this phone number is registered. The offer covers all Visa and MasterCard credit cards and is valid in all CIS countries and abroad, except for the USA, Canada and Estonia. To register and bind the card in your account on the site, the Kiwi will need to fill out an uncomplicated form and check through the SMS of the card's membership. From this moment, there will be no problems with replenishment and withdrawal of funds from the electronic wallet.

how to pay kiwi wallet through terminal
Cash replenishment in cash

It is possible to do this in the communication salons, inbank branches and, of course, through numerous terminals. Thinking of how to replenish the Kiwi-purse through the terminal, you need to look around and choose the terminal QIWI - then the money will not be charged for commissioning. The rest is simple. If the mobile phone is already registered in the system in one of the ways described above, you need to select the "Payment for services" window, then in order - the option "Electronic money", then "QIWI-purse". Enter your number, check it, click "Next" and insert it into the bill acceptor, click "Pay". And do not forget to take a check! The account is replenished instantly. At a time you can make no more than 15 thousand rubles. To buy goods online, it is useful to know how to pay for the Kiwi wallet through the terminal, through the Internet cabinet and using mobile applications in the phone to pay off all kinds of payments. All these methods are equally simple and effective, and most importantly - they make life much easier in the era of a catastrophic time deficit.

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