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Several types of exchanges operate in Ukraine. Among them you can note stock exchanges, universal stock exchange, precious metals exchange and commodity exchanges.

Ukrainian Exchange

Ukrainian Stock Exchange: history of creation

Stock Exchange "Ukrainian Exchange" was established in2008 year. This organization was created as a joint offspring of the RTS stock exchange and the main players of the Ukrainian securities market. The authorized capital of the new structure was 12 million hryvnia. At the same time, 51% of the shares were transferred to twenty-one Ukrainian companies, and part of the RTS was equal to the remaining 49%.

Spheres of activity of the Ukrainian Exchange

At the end of 2008, the Ukrainian Exchangea permit that grants her the right to carry out activities to conduct trading operations with securities. Formal start auctions in the securities market was given in the spring of 2009. Incidentally, by that time, the "Ukrainian Exchange" was the only such organization, which used technology auctions in the market of applications. In addition, there was launched a system with direct access to exchange trades (DMA). It should also be noted that exactly at that time the mechanism for calculating the index on-line was realized by the Ukrainian Exchange. Trades on the site are held in the standard mode - from 10:30 am to 17:30 pm.

In May 2010, the firstfutures market of this exchange. In turnover, a futures contract was launched for the UX Index. In a short period of time this tool became the most liquid on the domestic stock market. The following year, in April 2011, the list of derivatives market instruments was supplemented by futures options for the UX Index.

In July 2013, the organization began calculatingthe index of domestic agricultural companies (UXagro). The structure of the basket of this coefficient includes issuers that carry out agricultural activities on the territory of Ukraine, but their securities are quoted on world exchanges.

In the same month, the Ukrainian Exchange, together withThe National Securities and Stock Market Commission and the stock market specialists realized the market of attracting capital. This trading platform made it possible to place its securities to representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. To date, 43% of shares of PJSC "Ukrainian Exchange" are controlled by the Moscow Stock Exchange, 51% by professional market participants, and 6% by individuals.

"Ukrainian Universal Exchange"

"Ukrainian Universal Exchange" was founded in1997. The main objective in the creation of the UUB was the subsequent active participation in the transition of the Ukrainian economy to market foundations. "Ukrainian Universal Exchange" is a member of the Union of Exchanges of Ukraine and the National Association of Exchanges of Ukraine. It should be noted that UUB specialists regularly participate in various national and international seminars and conferences. In addition, employees of the organization participate in the development of various areas of valuation activities.

Ukrainian Universal Exchange

Fields of activity

The main areas of the UUB are organizationand the implementation of auctions and auctions on the exchange, the performance of an independent assessment of property and property rights, the sale of property owned by the state and municipalities. In addition, the organization provides legal support for contracts and carries out a technical survey of structures and buildings.

It should be noted that UUB employees carry outevaluation in such areas: valuation of property and property rights, valuation of business, land plots and judicial construction and technical expertise. The latter includes an analysis of immovable objects used during construction activities of materials and structures, as well as accompanying documents to them. In addition, UUB is engaged in establishing the right to use land plots, as well as calculating the estimated value of structures and structures.

"Ukrainian Stock Exchange of precious metals"

"Ukrainian Exchange of Precious Metals" isthe first consulting organization in Ukraine, which provides assistance in the circulation of banking metals in the country. Since 2000, this structure provides regular consultations to Ukrainian citizens regarding the acquisition and sale of precious metals.

Ukrainian precious metals exchange

In addition, in UBDM you can purchase bankmetals are cheaper than in most banks of Ukraine. This company is a stock exchange with a relatively short history. Therefore, the Ukrainian Exchange of Precious Metals is in the process of winning its place in the domestic precious metals market. At the same time, it must be emphasized that there are no alternative exchanges in Ukraine at the moment. It is this state of affairs that is conditioned by the fact that from year to year the Ukrainian Exchange of Precious Metals becomes larger and more influential.

ukrainian exchange bargaining

In conclusion, it should be noted that the marketbanking metals in Ukraine due to various factors is not sufficiently developed. And yet, gold, silver, platinum and palladium are popular targets for investment in Ukraine. For this reason, there is a need to develop and modernize the functioning technologies of the Ukrainian Exchange of Precious Metals.

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