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Today we have to understand what ispension fund of "Lukoil". It is not so easy to choose a place for forming a funded part of a pension in Russia. Therefore, it is necessary to study numerous reviews of each country's APF. So what about Lukoil? Should I put my pension savings here? What are the pros and cons of seeing customers in cooperation with the corporation?


NPF "Lukoil" is a non-state pension fund. He is engaged in the provision of pension insurance services in Russia. It has many branches and branches all over the country.

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No more specific services are offered. This pleases the population. After all, in "Lukoil-Garant" you can apply for the formation of pension savings. And to increase the money set aside for old age. But is it worth it? What can we say in general about this company? What advantages and disadvantages does it have?


For example, every citizen should drawattention to the fact that the pension fund "Lukoil" takes a good position among the APF for the country. This organization is in the top ten. Most often it is indicated that "Lukoil-Garant" is in the 4th-5th place in the rating of the NPF of Russia.

This feature attracts new customers. After all, there is every reason to believe that the organization is conscientious. In Russia, and so many APF. And the top ten organizations are the best. To them appears high interest and trust of people.


What else stands out "Lukoil-Garant"? The profitability of this corporation, according to numerous reviews, leaves much to be desired. Many emphasize that the organization tends to exaggerate the profitability of pension savings.

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The yield of a non-government pension fund"Lukoil-Garant" is only about 5-6%. This is very small. But, as investors say, this increase is offered on an ongoing basis. Slightly, but the pension savings can still be slightly increased. If you want to choose an NPF with high yield, Lukoil-Garant is better not to be considered as an option. This corporation offers a small but guaranteed income from the accumulations available in the fund. For some, this is enough.


Pension fund "Lukoil" receives positivereviews for their reliability. The thing is that the firm has a good level of public confidence. To date, the reliability rating rests on the A ++ mark. This indicator stands for "Highest level of reliability". Accordingly, many talk about the high stability of the organization.

Thanks to this indicator, people believe thatcompany "Lukoil-Garant" license will not be withdrawn suddenly. It is possible to entrust the firm its pension savings without special danger. After all, they will be paid when the time comes. To lose in "Lukoil" the contribution is impossible. Stability and security is what is offered to all depositors of this non-state pension fund.

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Communication with customers

A rather ambiguous response is given to the NPF "Lukoil"for the treatment of employees with customers. Some people emphasize that it is in this organization that one can meet attentively and get answers to all the questions without much difficulty. Workers treat everyone respectfully, respectfully, and try to give everyone due attention.

However, some reviews contradictpositive statements. It is indicated that non-professional cadres are working in Lukoil. They simply lure customers to them, but they hide important information about cooperation. Some workers can not answer a number of simple questions.

What to believe? Rather, it is better to stick to a neutral point of view. The thing is that the pension fund "Lukoil" gets a variety of opinions. The organization is distributed throughout the country, in each department there are different employees. Therefore, in some regions, you can really encounter not with the best employees. From this no one is immune. Nevertheless, Lukoil is trying to quickly rectify the situation, getting rid of unprofessional personnel and apologizing to its visitors.

Deceivers or not?

Some accuse APF of fraud. And there are many such opinions. All this is due to the fact that people suddenly find their accumulative parts of pensions in Lukoil. However, it is noted that the person personally did not sign any contracts. Accordingly, there is a suspicion of illegal appropriation of money by a non-state pension fund.

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Lawyers and experienced citizens say thatthere is no unlawfulness. That is, the "Lukoil" pension fund operates within the framework of the established legislation. Surprises with the discovery of pension savings in the company being studied are found mostly among persons who are officially employed. There are similar negative situations due to the fact that "Lukoil" concludes contracts of cooperation with employers. All subordinates automatically transfer accumulative pension contributions to NPF "Lukoil-Garant". But the immediate employer should notify about it. A non-state pension fund does not assume such responsibility. Therefore, it is not worth to blame the organization for fraud.

About payments

The last nuance that clients pay attention to is the payment of pension savings. In this area, the pension fund "Lukoil" does not receive the best reviews. Rather, they are ambiguous.

Some say that pension paymentsoccur precisely on time and without any negative moments. And someone says otherwise. And there are more negative opinions than positive ones. The population says that pensions are paid with delays. In some cases it is necessary to repeatedly ask the organization about the implementation of transfers.

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Draw conclusions

What conclusions can be drawn from allThe foregoing? NPF "Lukoil" reviews are different. In general, this is a good non-state fund, but with its shortcomings. One can say for sure that Lukoil-Garant offers a stable, albeit small, yield, as well as the reliability and security of pension savings.

Problems with payments from this company are available. But they can not be avoided by 100%. To accuse Lukoil-Garant in bad faith is not worth it because of delays in payments.

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