What can you make money on the Internet? Five Real Ways


If you are looking for the answer to the question: "What can you make money on the Internet?", Then this article is specially for you. At the moment, the worldwide network is filled with a lot of advertisements, promising instant profit without any effort. "Earn 1000 $ per week ... Earn a lot and quickly ... Earn a million, two, three ...", etc. We will analyze only effective ways of earning, comparable in money to the salary when working in the office. Of course, to come to such numbers, you will have to put a lot of effort. But financial independence is worth it.

1. Your site (blog)

Any Internet entrepreneur on the question "On whatyou can make money online? "will answer:" On your own site "And it will be absolutely right. There are two options: 1. You create and promote your site yourself. This will require significant forces and difficult predictable time costs. We will have to study a huge amount of information. 2. You find a profile company and instruct it to work. The second option is optimal, but it requires financial investments.

2. Freelance

Freelancer - a person who performs some kind ofa certain job for money. For example, it can be design work, writing websites, developing scripts, copyright, transcription, etc. To earn money in freelancing were high, you must already be able to do something at the level of the pros, have an excellent portfolio and feedback from grateful customers. In this case, you do not have to think about how you can make money on the Internet. To such a specialist, customers will be lined up.

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3. File-sharing

If you are thinking about where to make moneyquickly, then this method is the most suitable for you. To start, we choose a file sharing service with payment for downloads and download a file. If it is downloaded 1000 times, you will get about 5-7 $. But in order to tell about the contents of the file you should have either your own site or some other source of traffic. For good earnings, you need two conditions: a large number of downloaded files and a good attendance of your resource.

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4. Information products

If you have not decided on what you can earnmoney online, then create information products. It's a pretty lucrative way. It will suit those who are experts in any field. Then you need to find in your area any problem and issue a manual on how to solve it. For example, if you work as an interpreter, then do the course "How to learn English?", If you are a blogger, then write the guide "How to make a blog?" Etc. The main thing is that the information product should be of high quality and really help people solve problems.

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5. Youtube

This method is for those who often wonder"How can you make money on Youtube?" Let's take a look at the example of online games. The first thing we do is register on Youtube and in the affiliate programs of specific online games. Then we look for a video on the network for each game and load it on Youtube. To promote your account, you can use special services (PumpYT, LikeTweets, etc.). After watching the video, people will follow the links in the description and register in the game. For each registration you will receive about 5-30 rubles. This scheme is applicable to other partner programs (movies, mini-games, etc.).

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