How to create a KIWI wallet in 5 minutes


On how to create a KIVI wallet (Russia - notthe only country where he acts), many manuals have been written, especially since there is nothing complicated in this. You just need to go to the official KIVI website and in the upper right corner click on the field with the inscription "Registration". From you you will need to enter your phone number (which by default will be your wallet number), captcha and come up with a complicated password. Within 10 minutes, you will receive a six-digit code to activate your account. That's all there was to tell about how to create a KIWI wallet.

how to create a kiwi wallet

Qiwi is one of the most common in ourthe country of electronic payment systems, which appeared relatively recently, but firmly entered our everyday life and ceased to seem something exotic. With the help of a virtual wallet, the user can pay for the cost of purchases in online stores (often with a small payment method), utilities, digital TV and the Internet, buy tickets for a train or plane, replenish an account in social networks and much more ( on how to create a KIWI wallet, read above). If necessary, electronic money can be quickly converted into cash through a withdrawal system.

how to create kiwi wallet russia

Now the user, knowing how to create KIWIpurse, can ask one more quite expected question: "And what are the advantages of Qiwi-system?" Indeed, the sphere of virtual money is a rather developed niche, where, accordingly, the competition is very high. In Russia, the main rivals of KIVI are WebMoney and Yandex.Money services. So what is the uniqueness for which you should create your Kivi wallet? Firstly, a very simple registration, in the Qiwi system you do not need to apply for various certificates and wait for the scanning of document scans. Secondly, to your wallet you can tie almost any bank card, with which you can then replenish the account (commission from 0 to 0.75%) and on which you can withdraw funds. Thirdly, the simplicity of binding a purse - all operations can be performed using a mobile phone, without going over the links sent to e-mail. Fourthly, after successful authorization in the Qiwi office in your name, a full-fledged Qiwi Visa Classic bank card with a two-year validity is issued free of charge. All her bank details can be found right there, in her personal account. It has a common account with a purse and can be used as a means of payment in the event that the reception of electronic money is impossible.

create your kiwi wallet

Many users before creating KIWIpurse, think about whether it is expedient to use it later in certain situations, whether the overall impression is overshadowed by too high commissions or an uncomfortable interface. Believe me, this does not need to worry, because, as can be seen from the previous paragraph, the Qiwi payment system is one of the most convenient and inexpensive. In addition, if you decide to transfer funds from your purse to KIVI purse of another user, then you will only need to specify his phone number. If the recipient does not already have his purse on Qiwi - it's okay, he will receive SMS with a notification of the transfer of funds.

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