Audit of settlements with buyers and customers


The activity of any enterprise involvesselling them to third parties their goods or services. In fact, the sale of goods and services of the enterprise is the main source of income and, accordingly, the profit of the enterprise, therefore any mistakes in settlements with customers can be critical, since the main result of the company's activity directly depends on it - its profit. In order to avoid errors in settlements with customers, an audit of settlements with customers and customers is performed. In this article, we briefly acquaint readers with the basic principles of verification of this field of activity of the company.

Like any type of audit of the financial condition of an enterprise, the audit of settlements with buyers and customers is governed by international standards of audit. Thanks to this, a uniform format is achievedcarrying out checks of settlements with clients by firms all over the world. In order to check the status of the company's settlements with customers, you must perform the following actions:
first of all, you need to check theall customers of the enterprise, to get an idea of ​​the volume in which the goods or services are procured, how payments are made for them, whether there is a debt of customers to the company or, conversely, the company to customers. With this in mind, the following stages of verification will be carried out.

Audit of settlements with buyers and customers alsoIt concerns the verification of all settlement documents with the clients of the firm. It is necessary to establish which operations were carried out, whether they were shipped for them, and whether money was received from customers for them. In the event that there is a debit debt, it is necessary to assess its reliability or doubtfulness, and then give recommendations to the management of the company on further actions with unscrupulous customers.

It is also worth noting that the correct conductThis type of verification, like the audit of settlements with buyers and customers, can identify errors not only in the relationship of the firm with customers, but in other areas of the company. For example, sales volumes somehow correlate with production volumes. Obviously, production volumes will also correlate with the amount of remuneration of employees of the firm. Thus, it is not uncommon for a company to audit its settlements with staff after payment of the firm's relations with its customers. Such cause-effect relationships are not uncommon in the audit practice, since, in fact, all the operations of the enterprise are integral parts of the vital activity of its single economic organism. So, for example, a personnel audit can be conducted after checking the calculation of tax deductions in the event that the amount of deductions for staff does not coincide with the data of the staff schedule.

As we see, this type of verification isextremely important for the company, as it relates to the main source of profit formation of the firm. Audit of settlements with buyers and customers ends with the issuance of a special letter of opinion, which indicates all the results that the auditors came to in the process of their audit. As you know, inspectors are obliged to be responsible for the results that were provided in the letter, and can expect claims from the client in the event that they suffered losses as a result of a poorly conducted audit. We remind you that the plannedness, attentiveness, focus on the object of verification and the independence of the auditor from any influence are the key to a successful audit, which means that the reputation of the auditor is growing as a reliable partner.

We hope that with the help of this article our readers could understand such a difficult topic. We wish you successful tests and a minimum of errors!

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