How to exchange rubles for bitcoins and vice versa?


In the Net, there are forecasts that the bitcoins will soon be gonein the Summer, although in fact it is a very liquid commodity, and it is in demand. Having bought bitcoin today, in a year or two you can make a good profit, so many users want to know how to exchange rubles for bitcoins. Just note that nothing is complicated in this. With the development of modern technologies, this is done within a dozen minutes.

how to exchange rubles for bitcoins

Where and how to exchange rubles for bitcoins?

The most obvious place of exchange is the stock market of bicons. There are special exchange crypto-currencies on the Net, where the process of buying bitcoins is simple. And if you are interested in how to exchange bitcoins for rubles in Russia, then you can do it there. True, the exchange of the crypto currency will be carried out on your Webmoney wallet. Well, money can be easily transferred from the wallet to the bank's card, but now it's not about that.

Exchange on exchanges

The most popular and old stock exchange is BTC-E. It works with rubles and enjoys the trust of many users. It is the BTC-E that has the largest trading volumes, and after the hacking of the exchange in 2012, all the stolen money was returned to the affected users, so you can trust the BTC-E exchange.

Registration here is quick:

  • enter your email;
  • login;
  • password;
  • confirm the mail.

Before exchanging rubles for bitcoins, studysystems with which the exchange operates. You can make rubles through "Yandex Money", services OKPAY and You can also make a deposit in dollars, but only through the exchanges Qiwi, Epese, MoneyPolo, Moneta, Ecoin. After depositing money and exchanging them for bitcoins, the latter can be withdrawn only after 72 hours.

Automatic exchangers

Exchange bitcoins for rubles is also advantageous withusing automatic exchangers. One of the most popular exchangers is Baksman, which works constantly. Can I trust him? Certainly. If you have an account with Sberbank, you can exchange ruble for bitcoins using Baksman.

where to exchange bitcoins for rubles

The second most popular and convenient work is the Xchange exchanger. It also works round the clock and allows you to exchange money with the help of the systems "Yandex Money", "VTB24", "Alfa Bank", "Gazprombank".

Less popular is the ProstoCash service, whereyou can buy and sell bitcoins. The service cooperates with payment systems Perfect Money, Qiwi, ADVCash, Bitcoin, Payeer. To exchange you need a minimum of data.

There are a lot of other small exchangers, butwe will not name them here. First, these services are more than enough to exchange large and small amounts. Secondly, there is no confidence in the reliability of little-known money exchange services for bitcoins.

to exchange rubles for bitcoins

Is it legal to use exchangers?

There is the Law of the Russian Federation, according to which allcalculations between business entities must be made in rubles. But how then is the purchase of the same bitcoins for dollars? The fact is that when making a payment in an online store, there is a conversion of rubles into dollars and vice versa. Therefore, in the territory of the Russian Federation, the currency is exchanged, and settlements are made in rubles. In this case, a foreign seller receives a currency. From the point of view of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the buyer simply exchanges rubles for dollars, and the dollars themselves are taken outside the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. Bitcoins are just goods that you can buy in this way.

And if you do not know where to exchange bitcoins for rubles, then, based on the above, you can use any exchanger that meets the following requirements:

  1. It is not located in the domain zone .ru or .рф.
  2. Physically, the site is not located in FI territory.

to exchange bitcoins for rubles is advantageous

How to exchange bitcoins for rubles

Depending on what kind of mining system you areuse, the output can be produced in different ways. One of the most popular crypto-currency projects is Minergate. Most users use this system for cloud mining, and when a certain amount accumulates, the issue of withdrawal is raised.

One of the most common ways to outputis not completely standard. Do not even use exchangers. The bottom line is to replenish the forex broker account with bitcoins. Many brokers support this "currency". After replenishment, bitcoins will be converted. You can withdraw them later from the broker's account to your bank card. In this case, you have to pay a certain percentage, but often it is lower than the percentage in the exchangers.

Alternatively, you can use it automaticallyexchangers. The exchange system Bankomat is one of the popular and reliable. To exchange bitcoins for rubles and withdraw them, for example, to Qiwi-purse, it is enough to indicate in the exchanger the amount to be exchanged, select the direction and specify the e-mail address, Qiwi purse. After confirmation of the application from the Minergate account (or another crypto-currency project), the bitcoins will be written off, and on the purse Qiwi you will receive rubles. Well, with this system they are easily sent to a bank card.

Note that gradually some banks are trying toimplement a system of support for this crypto currency. This idea of ​​banks to improve is well perceived by users, so it is possible that banks will soon be able to provide the miners with convenient tools for working with crypto currency.

how to exchange bitcoins for rubles in russia

Conclusion on Webmoney

By analogy with Qiwi-purse you can usealso purse Webmoney. To do this, you need to register in the system, get a formal certificate (confirm your passport details) and open a WMX purse. From systems of clouded minings bitcoins can be sent directly to WMX-purses of the Webmoney system. After that they are exchanged for rubles directly in the system and sent to a bank card. By the way, by analogy, you can do the opposite. That is, to change rubles to bitcoins.

Now you know how to exchange rubles for bitcoins and vice versa. Use and earn money on this.

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