How to correctly create accounting entries for wages


Any entrepreneurial activity is inevitably associated with costs. And not only material, but also the costs of living labor.

An important point is the correctreflection of the salary in the accounts of accounting, therefore, it is required to compile the correct accounting entries for wages. It should be noted that the personnel of the enterprise is divided into workers and employees - managers and specialists. This must be taken into account in order to make the correct wage entries.

To record salaries, as well as other payments(hospital, holiday, financial assistance, etc.) uses a synthetic account 70. All the accruals to employees fall on the credit of this account, and deductions are taken into account (personal income tax, alimony, etc.) and directly to the wage itself.

It is worth noting that staff salaries are included in the costs of the enterprise and are reflected in the debit of the corresponding "cost" accounts. So, the wage entries are formed in the following order.

  • In the debit of 20 accounts the salary of workers of the basic shops gets. For each type of manufactured products, it is possible to open sub-accounts.
  • Under the debit of 23 accounts reflect the salary of workers of auxiliary manufactures. For example, such wiring accrues the wages of workers in the repair shop, if such is available at the enterprise.
  • In the debit of account 25, the costs associated withas a whole with manufacture and concerning to all kinds of made production. Such wage entries, for example, reflect the salary of the shop manager.
  • In the debit of 26 accounts the salary of management employees falls. Thus, the calculation of the salary of employees of the administration, accounting, legal department, IT department and other units is reflected.
  • In the debit of account 28 reflect the salary of those workers who are engaged in the correction of marriage.
  • In the debit of account 29, the costs of servicingunits. This is done if the company has a canteen, a kindergarten, a sanatorium for workers, etc. Then the remuneration of people working in these units should be reflected in this way.
  • In the debit of 44 accounts the salary of workers will fall,responsible for the sale of products. With this posting, the salaries of sales managers are accrued if the company has its own outlets, the wages of the employees of this store, as well as the employees of trading enterprises.

By the way, insurance premiums fall into the debit of the same accounts as the salary, and on the loan - to account 69.

However, these are not all the nuances associated with chargingsalary. There are situations when, for example, workers mount new equipment, take part in the acquisition of this equipment or other production stocks. Then the account 70 credit corresponds to the accounts 07, 08, 10, 11 and 15.

If the employee should accrue temporary disability benefits or any other payment at the expense of the FSS, then account 69 is debited.

Also in correspondence with 70 account debitedsuch accounts as 84 or 86. Such postings denote the calculation of material assistance and various benefits, including income on the employee's shares of the enterprise (Дт 84 accounts), accrual of payments from special-purpose financing (Дт 86 accounts).

Also current legislationprovides for the possibility of creating a reserve for the payment, for example, of bonuses for long service or vacation pay (this is the case when the employee's leave falls on two or more accounting periods). In this case, the corresponding cost accounting accounts are debited first, and a 96 account is placed on credit. Subsequently, the amounts of such accruals are debited from the debit of the 96 account on credit.

Now you know how to make wage entries. I hope that this information will be useful to you, and accounting will become much clearer to you.

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