Disability allowance.


Issues that relate to the lives of people with disabilities inour country, have always been, are and remain one of the most relevant today. The thing is that in this case, so that citizens of this category do not remain absolutely unprotected, it is necessary to properly understand all the legislative acts that are adopted and agreed by the government of our country.

The matter, first of all, concerns such an issue,as an allowance for people with disabilities. The first thing that should be paid attention to when deciding on this issue is who is ranked among the disabled. As you know, there are three degrees of disability. This is the first, second and third. The degree of disability is determined by the degree of disability resulting from the receipt of any injuries or diseases. The disability allowance will also depend on the group. It is necessary to answer the question whether a person can serve himself, provide everything necessary, can move independently and communicate with others. If in this case, children under the age of majority are considered, they talk about children with disabilities who are entitled to the allowance. It is called a handicap for disabled children.

If you read carefully the Federal Law,adopted in November 1995, it becomes clear that the disability of the first group is fixed for a period of two years. As for the disability of the second and third group, they have a period of up to one year.

At the end of this period, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination again. But there are also diseases that require so-called perpetual disability.

Disability benefits are granted for perpetualbases in two cases. First, if it comes to the fact that a person has a disease, according to which it must be appropriated for life. Secondly, disability without a term is given no later than four years from the date of its appropriation, if no improvement in the state is observed.

The manual plays a big role for the disabled, bothas they no longer have any other means of subsistence, because they do not work. No less important issue is the question concerning the timing of the assignment of benefits. The age benefit will be assigned from the very day that the application for its appointment was submitted. The disability allowance will be assigned from the time the disability group is established. However, there is one peculiarity: the allowance will be paid less than three months before the day of direct application for it.

The payment of benefits is usuallycurrent month. If the recipient unexpectedly dies, the allowance is paid in full before the month of his death. The entire amount of the benefit, which was not timely requested by the recipient, is paid for a period not exceeding three years until the time of the request.

An important aspect is also the issue of obtainingpreferential housing for persons with disabilities. If we again turn to legislative acts, we can conclude that if people with disabilities, as well as families in which children with disabilities are growing, registered before January 2005, they will receive so-called subventions, that is, funds that are used to improve living conditions. This takes into account the fact that the provision of housing at a given time, as well as the state of the disabled.

Housing for such people and families is given on the basis of a contract of employment.

If we talk about children with disabilities whoare orphans or left without parental care, then they are entitled not only to disability benefits, but also to guarantee the provision of a living space as soon as they reach eighteen years of age. However, the living space will be given to them if they can serve themselves.

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