We understand how to transfer money from Webmoney to the phone


For many Internet users, early orthere is a late question about how to use electronic money. But this is incredibly convenient. It's easier and safer to pay in online stores, you can easily transfer money to your phone, send a gift to a friend, in whatever country it is. In general, if today an adult can not do without the purse of the present, then in the near future the same can be said about the money electronic.

how to transfer money from webmoney to your phone

Understand the interface of the program

You can talk a lot about the possibilities of electronicwallets, but if you are interested in how to transfer money to WebMoney from WebMoney, then there is nothing easier. First you need to install the WebMoney program. But today we will consider the option when it is already on the computer. You, as usual, will be asked to enter your password and click on the "OK" button. Do this operation. Of course, before you transfer money from WebMoney to a phone, you need to replenish your account.

Once the keeper is loaded, you will see the familiarWindow, which reflects the current balance of all your wallets. Let's say that you already know how to replenish your balance and you have the right amount in your account. Click the "My WebMoney" tab, which is located after the "My Wallets" and "Inbox" tabs. In it you will see all your opportunities for making virtual money, here they can be spent and even get on credit.

A lot of possibilities

how to transfer money to webmoney

In addition, as with WebMoney transfer money tophone, you can still pay for utility costs, pay site hosting and even order a bouquet of flowers. But back to the phone. So, select the "Mobile connection" tab, then go to your operator's website. If you do not know the operator, it's easy to find out on special resources in the network or typing the first digits of your number in the search bar of the Yandex system.

We refill the balance

On the website of the mobile operator you needwill indicate the phone number and the amount desired for the transfer. Click "Next" and enter the numeric code in the desired window. On the last screen you will need to specify the purse from which the money will be withdrawn. If you are concerned about the security of your virtual wallet, you will be asked to enter the code in the special window that was sent by SMS to your phone number. This is a good way to secure money on your account from experienced hackers.

transfer money to your phone
So, with the question of how to transfer money from Webmoneyon the phone, we figured it out. Similarly, you can replenish the balance of any phone number, you only need to know the operator of communication. During the payment, the standard commission of the system is removed from your account. In most cases, it is 0.8%. However, if your amount is less than 100 rubles, and the SMS service is used to confirm the payment, the commission will be at least 1.5 rubles. In this case, even 101 rubles to pay more profitable, the commission will be only 0.81 rubles.


With the help of virtual money you can payhundreds of other services, purchase in the online stores the things you need, etc. The principle of action is the same. Thus, the answer to the question of how to transfer money to WebMoney from WebMoney is quite simple. Any user with an account on this resource will cope with this task.

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