Raiffeisenbank: Feedback from ordinary consumers


The last two decades in the Russian Federationpass under the sign of rapid development of the credit market. Its growth was slightly slowed by the international economic crisis, but this only had a positive effect on the players. "Raiffeisenbank", reviews of which can be judged as a very good organization, came to the Russian market in the distant 1993 and since then has been firmly established in this country. Today this financial organization, a subsidiary of the Raiffeisen Bank International AG Group, provides its clients with the most comprehensive range of services in the credit market. It provides the possibility of placing deposits and obtaining loans to both corporate and private clients, both residents and non-residents of the country in any currency they can use.

raiffeisenbank reviews
"Raiffeisenbank", reviews about which basicallypositive, always shows activity both on the interbank market and in the foreign exchange market and is constantly looking for ways to expand. Most often this happens by absorbing other financial institutions and combining their infrastructure with the European giant. In 2007, Raiffeisenbank joined Impexbank and steadily took its place among the top ten leaders on the credit market of the Russian Federation.

At the moment it is difficult to find a more stablecompany than Raiffeisenbank. Comments of experts call it the most reliable bank among all representatives of this sphere in the Russian Federation. All its programs have some advantages over similar services of other companies.

Raiffeisenbank: reviews on loans and credit cards

raiffeisenbank credit reviews
The overwhelming majority of customers were satisfied with the quality of service. When making a plastic card, any client of this financial institution can count on the following:

  • the maximum possible loan amount is 600 thousand rubles;
  • grace period when the money can be returned without interest - 50 days;
  • registration of a credit card in the presence of one passport - in this case, the maximum amount is 150 thousand rubles;
  • the minimum amount for repayment of the loan is 5% of the amount in addition to the interest accrued on it;
  • participation in the affiliate program and getting a discount of up to 15% in the vast majority of chain stores in the Russian Federation.

Raiffeisenbank: customer reviews

raiffeisenbank customer references
Most of the clients of this European bankcame to him after a bad experience with other financial institutions. Taking advantage of his services, many were surprised to find the absence of most commissions and payments that other banks require. This financial institution not only does not take additional money for making a loan or receiving funds, but is also an ardent opponent of this practice.

Raiffeisenbank, which is not being revieweddoubts about the solidity of this financial institution, at the moment is the fastest growing bank in the Russian Federation. In addition, he ranks first among experts advising where to make a deposit. Now it symbolizes a stronghold of the reliability of the banking system of Russia.

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