How to transfer money from "Yandex" to WebMoney?


As they say, the rich also cry. Indeed, it can hurt if you have the means, but you can not buy anything from them. This story can happen with those whose funds are in the purse, located in the electronic system of "Yandex." What to do if money from this purse is not accepted somewhere, and you need to transfer cash to another purse? How to transfer money from "Yandex" to WebMoney? You can do this, but you will have to tinker a bit.

how to transfer money from Yandex to webmoney
Now you can see how to transfer money from "Yandex" to WebMoney. For this, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

1. You must have, of course, an account in "Yandex.Money"; This account must be identified.

2. In the WebMoney system, you must be the owner of a certificate with a certain level (in this case - not lower than the formal one), all the data in which you are confirmed;

3. Data identifying your identity must coincide on two sites - the systems "Yandex" and WebMoney.

transfer money from Yandex to webmoney
So, how to transfer money from Yandex toWebMoney? To do this, you need to perform a certain sequence of actions and know some features (by the way, when you transfer funds from you, a commission equal to 4.5% is charged). To start an operation called "how to transfer money from" Yandex "to WebMoney" you need, after meeting all the above conditions, to bind the account of one payment system to another. To do this on the WebMoney site, go to the section called "Operations on accounts". In this section, select the icon with the image of "Yandex.Money", enter the account number and send the request for binding. Together with the report you should come and the number of checks. Remember it, write it down or save it somewhere, but do not even think about losing it!

After binding, but before translatingmoney from "Yandex" to "WebMoney", confirm the implementation of the binding procedure by going to the "Yandex.Money" service for this. For confirmation, you will need to enter the number of verification (I hope you have not lost it yet). If you do everything right, then in two services there will be a window that will indicate that the binding procedure is completed successfully, and now you can freely and without any difficulties transfer your funds to another purse.

how to transfer money to webmoney
Well, the last point of how to transfer moneyon "WebMoney" is an authorization in the system "Yandex". Having entered into the named system, you will see under the number of your account the WebMoney icon. Click on it, and after that you will have a form in front of your eyes that you need to fill out, in order for the funds to be transferred successfully. Specify the amount of payment in the form and confirm the operation by entering the appropriate verification code and password. However, remember that in "Yandex.Money" the amount of transfer is limited. On the day you can transfer from Yandex to a purse in WebMoney no more than fifteen thousand rubles, and for a month this amount should not exceed three hundred thousand rubles. As for the minimum amount, a one-time payment can not be less than one ruble.

In the event that the transfer of money betweenyou do not need wallets any more, you can carry out the procedure of canceling the binding of WebMoney purse to the account in "Yandex.Money". To do this, you just need to go to a special page of the site and follow the detailed instructions of the service.

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